I can cook too…

With UM on the shelf – after 4 days of being sick in bed with a fever, coughing her brains out at all hours of the day – I set off tonight to make dinner tonight for myself and for our nanny.  The kids had already eaten and for UM all I had to do was heat up some chicken soup with matzo balls. 

So this is what I made… and it was yummy good.

half an onion cooked up in a frying pan with a touch of oil.

Added broccoli stem diced into small pieces tossed into the pan once the onions were opaque.  Cooked it until the pan began to dry up them squeezed in half an orange and cooked it some more.

Tossed in some garlic, herbs de Provence and basil added

Cooked it all up nicely until the broccoli began to soften.

Added 4 eggs with fresh ground pepper

tossed in some shredded marble cheese

cooked it all up.  A giant super-yummy omelette.  WOW.  So, so good.



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