I guess the secret is out…

Looks like my big secret is no longer a secret.  I’ve been outed, or rather we’ve been outed, by no one other than my own wife… UrbanMummy (UM for short).

If you pop over to her wonderful blog, www.urbanmummy.com, you will be able to read her tale of the amnio appointment she had Monday of this week – the pain from the needle an the stress her (and I) had prior to this procedure.  Not only are we both uneasy about needles, but the thought of checking for genetic defects in our unborn child makes so much sense but also could result in real decision being made soon there after.

She was so brave.

I am SO proud of her.


So yes, we are pregnant.

And the genetic tests came back normal.  WHEW.

Baby #3 is due on what would have been my parents anniversary, November 28th.  My father passed away in 2002.  Stewie, #2, his Hebrew name, is named after my Dad.  He would have been so proud…

11 thoughts on “I guess the secret is out…

  1. Cool.

    Then I will forever know when it’s birthday is, by following your blog and watching for your birthday greeting to her. ;)

  2. I KNEW it!!! Mazel Tov!! Hope the pregnancy and birth goes smoothly! What wonderful news. :-)

  3. Hey that’s my birthday!!! Your results were fast, mine took 3 weeks and they said they had put a rush on it.

  4. Have to love OHIP… Can wait 3-4 weeks for the test results, or for only $175 you get an overview in 2 days. We chose to find out as soon as possible.

  5. Seriously? We were never even given the option of finding out earlier, for all the stress it would have been worth the $175.

  6. Actually, to be fair, it’s a different test that gives results in 1 day – not as comprehensive. OHIP pays for the more comprehensive test, which requires 3-4 weeks for results, because that’s how long it actually takes to grow cells in the lab.

    That being said, 3 children? Yikes! Hoping for a girl, perhaps, but expecting a boy. After all, we already have 2 of them! Ha ha!

  7. As I’ve said before…

    If it’s a boy, we wont need a nanny, we’ll need a referee. If it’s a girl, I’ll need instructions… and a shotgun. :)

    Just hoping Mummy and baby are fine!

  8. Interesting, maybe because we were being tested for a specific issue we had to wait for the full cultures to be done.

    3 is nothing to be scared of…a lot easier than the adjustment from 1 to 2. A little girl is a good referee between older brothers and another boy means money saved on clothes and toys, so either way you win and will love every second of raising 3.

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