I’m concussed…

So every week Stewie and I do SportBall.  He loves playing the games but I suspect he really likes cleaning up after, when each game is finished.  Lately he’s been cleaning up super quick and then running the length of the activity room towards me (I’m sitting against the wall), then putting his arms by his side and propelling himself into my hands as I catch him before he kills; me, him, both of us, anyone else.

Today he did it 3 times.  I caught him the first 2 times… How could I not.  He giggles as he picks up speed.


The third time… Not so much…

I was talking to the father-son combo to my left when all of a sudden out of nowhere I feel this bang, like a 35 pound boys head crashing into my right temple…

He cried.

I swear I blacked out for a minute, because once I came to my senses, the pain we intense and my poor little boy was crying in my lap holding his nose.  I was sure it was broken.  I looked for blood.  There was none.  My temple began throbbing.

I checked him out, while the rest of the parents watched, mouths still wide open – I suspect because we are both still alive.

I made it through the day.  There was some tenderness.

It’s bed time.  My temple and head are throbbing and very tender.  I have a goose-egg sized bump.  My jaw hurts and I cannot open my mouth all the way.  Feels like that little bugger broke my jaw.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but this may help me lose weight, if I cannot eat…



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