Bread and Honey Festival

Went to the Bread and Honey festival in Streetsville, Ontario today – with friends of our who live in nearby Mississauga.  What a blast!

We had the… bread and honey, a mini-train ride, tons of fun in the little kids area, heard some great live music, ate a little, walked a lot and basically hung out with them at the festival before heading back to their place for chatting over a bottle of wine and dinner for all. 

The 2 things that will remain with me about today are; 1) the number of times I’ve been to Streetsville and 2) the people I saw there and my reaction to them.

1) I had a friend… He was a mooch.  Sorry.  He lived in Streetsville with his Mom and mother’s boyfriend whom he detested and visa versa.  The 2 would often fight, sometimes quiet violently.  The last time I was in Streetsville was after midnight in about 1997 when my friend called to ask me to come get him.  His mother’s boyfriend had attacked him with a hammer while he was sleeping.  He then put this jerk through the ceiling.

Police were called.  Instead of pressing charges he left with me… Only to move into my house.  He lived there for quite a while, in the basement which meant lots of ball hockey and sega NHL hockey.  I used to destroy him!  I got him to move out by daring him to date a “unique” woman that I used to work with at the government.  She used to tell people that her and I would one day be married.  Once I found out I asked her to stop.  UGH.  Anyways, I introduced them and several years later they married.  WHEW.  Got rid of 2 birds with one stone.

The second reason, I’m sure frequent followers of this fine blog (GAG) would remember a friend of mine passed away from cancer at the very young age of 33, not too long ago.  He left behind 2 very young children and his brother didn’t come to the funeral… Well the brother – who used to be my friend – was at the festival with his wife (who blocked me on facebook because I still talked to his brother).  I always wondered how I’d approach him if I saw him, alone or with her. 

I saw them.. Glared at them from a far… Grumbled obscenities at them under my breath… Then felt REALLY sorry for the losers and walked away.  I feel better, although I didn’t say a word.  I saw him.  He looks miserable… Good on him!


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