This is 2009, isnt it?

I just had wings and booze with a few buds this evening and although all three of the other guys had blackberries (I don’t), I was the only one on facebook, that has used twitter and that blogs…

So what the heck do they use their blackberries for???


My 2 1/2 year old…

Gets out of the car on our way to swimming and notices it is just starting to rain. 

Says, “Oh, it’s raining”… “Actually it’s spitting”… “When I come out of swimming there will be puddles”.


Quick and too the point

Today is the 32nd Anniversary of the release of Star Wars.  I wouldn’t be the nerd I am today without it.

Ran tonight, relatively pain free.  Some heel tenderness.  Realized I need more / new running music.

My 2 year old son’s bum hurt so he came in looking for “butter”, that being bottom butter.  I went to get it.

This is my life.

Trouble in paradise

Management question for all of you.  Situation has happened to a friend.  What would you do inhis shoes?

The situation:

Trouble is brewing @ the office between all the managers and the Vice President.  A simple task which should have taken a few hours to complete is taking days and in order to reduce the processing time, several meetings were required.  

The newest manager, there almost a year, took control of the meeting, asked a lot of questions, and formulated several basic, yet effective solutions.  This didn’t sit well with the managers who were responsible for the area in question. 

The problem is not about the suggested solutions, but rather that the new manager was in agreement with the VP – helping the VP point out the other managers and lack of their actions.  While agreeing with the VP, my friend was trying to show alliance with the other managers. 

Now the rift lies between the managers and the VP’s.

Not sure where it’s going to end, or how.

My question I pose to you, my bright, well-travelled readers is this;

If you were in his shoes, would you align with the VP, potentially alienate yourself from your peers and hope to catch on to the process well enough to climb the corporate ladder;


Wold you help mend the gap between the other managers and the VP, show that you can all work together as a group, and then continue to work hard, prove you are a team player worthy of a more senior position.


UrbanMummy thinks option 1. 

What do you think?


I somehow managed to strain my Achilles in my left heel… At least that is what I think hurts.  It also kind of feels like the tendons on either side of my heel.  That and the bottom of my foot – the arch – is tender to touch. 

This discomfort is holding me back from running more often which reduces the chances that I will be able to run in any of the 4-5K’s that I wanted to sign up for this summer – the first one in June. 

I’ve googled the problem but cannot put a finger on it.

I played ball hockey tonight – no discomfort at all.  Came home, showered, still no pain.  Then I hung my heel off the steps in order to stretch the Achilles and met some resistance.

Right now, laptop in lap, I have my leg on the kitchen table – heel nestled in a bag of frozen corn.

Here’s to hoping that it goes away / loosens up soon.