Am I weird?

I found myself getting all excited and fluttery this afternoon on the way home from the office.

The reason?

I was listening to Man in the Box by Alice in Chains.  I really don’t like Alice in Chains, but I found the bass guitar in this song breathtaking.

Like I said… I’m weird.


Are there songs which you really like for the same reason?  Not the bass guitar. but because it puts you in a really great mood – makes you feel great – stuff like that ?!?


Can they do this in the government? No. But in the private sector…

They cannot do this in the government.

I feel like I’ve just had a carrot dangled in front of my eyes…

But in the private sector, life is very much different, and here, a year into my life in the private sector, I had a refreshing meeting with our VP.

You see, for almost 11 years in the government, as part of our regular work activities – and coffee breaks – we didn’t meet with anyone to discuss our “future”.

I had set up meetings meeting with my Team Leader, Manager, Section Manager, etc., in order to find ways to challenge me, and keep me busy all day long, and while smiling at each other they could do nothing, or offer any insight.

Yet today, here is what I was told;

“Continue to do well, and the rewards will be plentiful”.

I’m not sure what that means?!?  Well, I do know what that means, but I’ve never really had the opportunity to work for an organization that values employees and wants to do what is best for them and best for business.

Since I plan on continuing to do well… We’ll see what that meant, if anything.

I found you

I found the moron that was trying to fax my information yesterday.  The union told me who it was.  I even know the intended recipient.  Union told me that too.  They also said my write up was “long winded”, that I would lose at all 4 grievance levels and that I could / should sue after it gets to it’s highest level.  My first level is being held MAy 5th.

Such confidence…

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Government idiots part 100…

I’m sure I have mentioned (bitched about) before about how I feel my former employer has been intentionally leaking personal information about me in order to, I don’t know, discredit me amongst my former colleagues…

Well today… They did it again.

It’s just like out of a movie, except it’s real.

A “source” found a copy of a letter I received – confidentially – “sitting on the fax machine”, having not been sent to it’s intended recipient.

Brilliant, eh?

This letter clearly outlined my situation with my employer, essentially that I found a great job in the private sector, then left one day, took a parental leave, then was asked to come back to work after a year or resign.

It was not exposing anything top secret other than my all my personal information and where I live, but in the world of top secret, sensitive information, this would be classified as a yet another confidentiality breach.

My recourse?

I talk to them, but they don’t care.  I have to go to the union – and they tell me that this time they’re going to “make sure they pay!”

Let them pay for my parking…  That would be a start.  LOL.

The union thinks that the “shit has hit the fan, and management needs to look out.”  I think I’ve moved on and they need to put an end to this because it’s really not that big a deal.  Yes, people don’t just resign from the government without reason, but really?!?


Given a choice last night between his Daddy and nobody, my 2 1/2 year old boy chose nobody.

He was laying in his toddler bed at 9:30pm – 2 hours after his bedtime – restless, he was calling for his Mummy to stay with him.  Having worked that evening, she stayed for a bit but I wanted to hang with him for a bit more.  He wanted Mummy. 

She gave him a choice.

He chose nobody…


5 minutes later, I heard this…

“Daddy… I want you to stay with me…”

I did.


He did, however get up at 3:30 this morning for me to stay with him some more, then finally just past 5am he was up for the day.

No more naps!!!