Punish the naughty ones…

Time to right some wrongs…

Recessions are a good time to remember those who have been greedy and make sure when the economy picks up and we have more disposable income that we use it to boycott those who have committed the worst sins.

Ford Motor Car Company CEO took a pay cut… to $13 million dollars a year.
AIG – 15 employees returning their bonuses – $50 million dollars worth – too little too late.

Fox News – some dickhead named Greg Gutfeld joked that now would be a good time to invade Canada, “Isn’t this the perfect time to invade this ridiculous country?  They have no army”.  This as Canadians are mourning the loss of 4 soldiers while fighting the Americans war.  Classless.  Ummm, Greg Gutless… We don’t need to spend trillions of dollars on weapons to invade other countries… We use that money on our citizens for health care…

Ticketmaster(baters) – gauging and scamming their way to huge profits.

Garth Drabinsky and Myron Gottlieb – caught cooking the books of Livent.  Caught when their greed forced Livent into bankruptcy.  All they had to do was dig into their enormous health to prop up the company that got them rich and employed many.  Dumb.

Alex Rodriguez – NYY 3rd basement – arrogant, took (takes) steroids, sleeps with hookers… Classy guy.  Real role model worth $200 million dollars.

The Ontario government for deciding to merge the GST and PST July 1st, 2010 which will add PST to many things which were PST exempt.  Sure the extra 8% should be slapped on fast food, but there was a fear that feminine hygiene products, diapers and books, child car seats and other previously PST exempt items will no longer be.  If your family makes under $160,000 a year, you’ll be getting $1000 3 times a year.  But still… An 8% tax increase, during a recession, from a Premier who promised no new taxes… Can’t wait for the new PC leader to be determined!!!

Chipper Jones – A baseball player of all kinds of people – trashes Toronto, after saying it sure isn’t Las Vegas.  He said in an interview that he was so bored he was plucking his eyebrows.  Ummm, so sorry Chipper… Can I call you Chipper… Did your parents really name you that or have you dropped the word, “wood” from before your name because you’re as dumb as a tree.  On behalf of Torontonians I want to apologize to you, Chipper, for our safe, cultured, sophisticated city being too boring for a tobacco chewing, crotch grabbing , spitting guy who wears tight pants and plays baseball for a living.  Maybe… Chipper… Toronto should invest in a swamp, so you’ll feel more like home – in Florida, or… To make you feel more at home in Atlanta, when you play baseball, we can get some local youth gangs to shoot at you from the moment you get off a plane to the time you get back on.

Or better… Chipper… Don’t fucking come back!  Asshole!

Who makes your list?


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