Want to work for me???

No?  Good idea.  We’re not hiring right now, plus, we’d probably only want to hire contract staff for our proxy season.

I’m sure you would probably want something in your field, not taxation, right?

Well as soon as those folks at the government found out that I had resigned – so about 10 days, I have had 5 people – 5 honest to goodness people – call and email me asking for jobs.  They want to work for me.

In the 10 plus years that I worked in the public service I witnessed only a few people leave to jump back into the private sector and not one comes to mind that was there as long as I was.  The transition really was not that difficult – I studied how to manage in graduate school since I couldn’t get any hands on experience there.  I really wanted to manage, they really didn’t want me to.  I always thought I would be a great manager and I owe it to all the shitty managers I had in the government.  They taught me how not to manage and my studies taught me how to manage. 

Now I have 10 staff under me, and probably 3-5 more within the next few weeks, with a potential for 6 more by the end of June.  I guess those brainiacs at the government were right afterall.  Why would they want a competent manager working for or with them?!?  It would throw off the mix…


Punish the naughty ones…

Time to right some wrongs…

Recessions are a good time to remember those who have been greedy and make sure when the economy picks up and we have more disposable income that we use it to boycott those who have committed the worst sins.

Ford Motor Car Company CEO took a pay cut… to $13 million dollars a year.
AIG – 15 employees returning their bonuses – $50 million dollars worth – too little too late.

Fox News – some dickhead named Greg Gutfeld joked that now would be a good time to invade Canada, “Isn’t this the perfect time to invade this ridiculous country?  They have no army”.  This as Canadians are mourning the loss of 4 soldiers while fighting the Americans war.  Classless.  Ummm, Greg Gutless… We don’t need to spend trillions of dollars on weapons to invade other countries… We use that money on our citizens for health care…

Ticketmaster(baters) – gauging and scamming their way to huge profits.

Garth Drabinsky and Myron Gottlieb – caught cooking the books of Livent.  Caught when their greed forced Livent into bankruptcy.  All they had to do was dig into their enormous health to prop up the company that got them rich and employed many.  Dumb.

Alex Rodriguez – NYY 3rd basement – arrogant, took (takes) steroids, sleeps with hookers… Classy guy.  Real role model worth $200 million dollars.

The Ontario government for deciding to merge the GST and PST July 1st, 2010 which will add PST to many things which were PST exempt.  Sure the extra 8% should be slapped on fast food, but there was a fear that feminine hygiene products, diapers and books, child car seats and other previously PST exempt items will no longer be.  If your family makes under $160,000 a year, you’ll be getting $1000 3 times a year.  But still… An 8% tax increase, during a recession, from a Premier who promised no new taxes… Can’t wait for the new PC leader to be determined!!!

Chipper Jones – A baseball player of all kinds of people – trashes Toronto, after saying it sure isn’t Las Vegas.  He said in an interview that he was so bored he was plucking his eyebrows.  Ummm, so sorry Chipper… Can I call you Chipper… Did your parents really name you that or have you dropped the word, “wood” from before your name because you’re as dumb as a tree.  On behalf of Torontonians I want to apologize to you, Chipper, for our safe, cultured, sophisticated city being too boring for a tobacco chewing, crotch grabbing , spitting guy who wears tight pants and plays baseball for a living.  Maybe… Chipper… Toronto should invest in a swamp, so you’ll feel more like home – in Florida, or… To make you feel more at home in Atlanta, when you play baseball, we can get some local youth gangs to shoot at you from the moment you get off a plane to the time you get back on.

Or better… Chipper… Don’t fucking come back!  Asshole!

Who makes your list?

Busy day indeed…

Today started, as usual, at 6:30am with one little boy running into the washroom to pee, the back into his room where he slams the door, then proceeds to jump up and down until he is able to turn on all three of his light switches.  That routine, of course, wakes up the little one – Stewie – who yells from his room that he has to “pee and poo”.  I go get him – his diaper soaked, his pants soaked and his bed soaked, but no poo.  He holds that for the toilet.  Almost 2 months now.  🙂

Both boys play in Linus’ room until just past 8am, and they come down to the kitchen where I have made them oatmeal from scratch… Not difficult at all.  I  make Linus “Daddy’s oatmeal” which means more like the boxed stuff – with Maple and Brown Sugar. 

After breakfast, we get dressed and take that LONG trip north to Thornhill (20 minutes – seems like 4 hours) for a birthday party.  In that party it’s kiddy chaos, but we chat over the yelling, screaming, music and insessant chattering of kids of all ages.

From there we forgo the kids naps and drive over to my office to decorate for a celebration of our new and improved workflow aimed at improving the way we do things.  Kids go wild running up and down the aisles.  Turned on pretty much every computer in the place. 

Stewie falls asleep in the car on the way to Lotus Pond – veggie dim sum – while I take Stewie through the drive through Tim Horton’s for a large double double (for me, not for him) and 2 whole bagels. 

Stewie slept the whole way home, but Linus finally fell asleep on the highway a mere 10 minutes from home.  I parked the car in the driveway and sat there reading my book (Dan Brown’s Deception Point) while the kids snored. 

After they awoke and calmed down, I took them downstairs, and together we cleaned up in the garage, put away the suitcases from the trip in Feb, and planted our veggie seeds in peat pots on the dining room table.  The kids loved it, except Linus who swept all his miracle grow soil onto the carpet in a giant heap.  Oops.

We played a little more, ate that dim sum, then bath time for Stewie and shower for Linus.  More food, books, and now hopefully soon bed.

The boys bedtime is 7:30pm, it’s 8:37 and both boys are prouncing around the house with no intention of getting into their beds.  Knowing that 7:30 is when they are exhausted, I suspect they will both be out cold well before 9pm… Hopefully. 

9pm and all is quiet… Time to clean up from a busy weekend then hopefully go for a run!

How was your weekend?

What do you think about my views on the recession?

I’m trying to make my blog more interactive and force you to type a comment… Not that I write for comments, but that little chart that tells me I have 20-30 views per day means I either have a stalker (see government, lol) or people come by, read my post, say “geez, why do I come here?” then leave.  I’m not really trying to figure that out… today, but I do have a post that requires participation.

My previous 2 posts requiring participation – my coffee ranking post and the one before this one on my TV pet peeve, actually generated quite a lot of discussion – more email than posting however.

My discussion this time is about the recession and where the wealth lies.

Every get that feeling – around pay day – that you are not making as much money as you think you deserve?  If you had more money you would help others, pay down debt, buy a new house, get nicer clothes, maybe even go out more or on more vacations…

So what do people with all that money do???

Let’s look at two types of wealth; The generation who have money as a result of their parents wealth, and the wealth shoved down the throat of the North American population – glorified on TV on shows like Cribs and flaunted in the news all the time – that of the celebrity, or sports figure who grew up poor but upon hitting it big are given gobs of money with no idea what to do with it.

Unfortunately, those with the second generation wealth have been taught by their parents and financial advisers how to invest money, how not to flaunt, and by virtue of where they live and people they grew up with, they are both fiscally responsible and have money put away for times of recession, like now.   These people check their dollars in recession, and look at ways to make money by buying items like houses and stocks while the market is low.  They have lost money in the recession but also take advantage of the suffering economy to expand their wealth when the economy picks up.

Now, the athletes and celebs… They are given tons of money and they hire financial advisors to look after their money.  They too feel the pinch when the economy goes south but when you look at them on TV, or read about them in the news relating to their finances, it is usually of 2 extremes; the one extreme is the 19 year old athlete who even though there is a refcession is going out and buying houses and cars and having parties because, well, they have money and they think it’s going to last forever.    Or, you have the celeb, who is forced to sell a house or something of value because they ran into financial trouble – like failing to pay income tax or living too high off the land and are shocked when the flow of money dries up that they are affected. 

This brings me to my belief for this recession… I feel that recessions are necessary – to bring the economy back into check after years of greed.  Million dollar bonuses to CEO’s of companies losing billion of dollars, Scumbags like Bernie Madoff who create scams to bilke people of of billions of dollars so that he and his family can live like royalty.  Athletes like Manny Ramierez who refused to sign a 2 year contract with the LA Dodgers because $47 million dollars was not enough…  He “settled” for $45 million.  Geez.

While you and I plan, budget and watch everything we spend, others are being given and take huge amounts of money and are being glorified for it.  When was the last time you saw a TV show called, “fiscally responsible”?  No one from MTV wants to come see my house?  Yours?

There are TV shows for people who are in huge debt and we watch them and shake our heads in disbelief… idiots.  We watch the TV shows about the 13 year old girls getting $50,000 sweet 16 parties and we wish that was us.  It will never be us, but there are some people, probably many people who strive to have that kind of wealth and do whatever it takes to accumulate it.  That means selling drugs, lying, cheating and stealing.  Seriously.  And once people with money get more and more to those who are not deserving of that wealth, or are not fiscally responsible with it, then you see more and more bankruptcies, or stories about the rich and famous suffering financial hardship.  And quite frankly, it’s recessionary times like these that we look at them and scoff and laugh at their misfortune.  I know if I had $25 million dollars I would have done a better job managing it.  Less flaunt, more sustaining. 

After all, once this recession ends, I still want to have what we had before… Don’t you?

One of my biggest pet peeves…

I’m curious as to what you think of my pet peeve…

You may not have noticed it, or you, like me, yell at the TV everything it happens.

It happened tonight in the middle of a crucial scene on the TV show Privileged.  If you have not seen the show, seek it out and watch an episode… You’ll be hooked.  The characters are all very cleaver – show reminds me of Gilmour Girls… Fast paced dialogue and humourous.

Anyways, two characters are discussing an article for a new magazine while standing in line of a coffee shop – he says I’ll buy your drink, she says thanks, he gets both cups. looks at them, handles them like the fucking empty cups they are, gives her the one she ordered, then leaves…

The fucking cup was empty.


I HATE that. 

Can’t some idiot set designer put some fucking beverage into the cup… Forget steaming… Maybe just water… milk… even pancake batter, I don’t fucking care, but put something in that fucking cup.  Give it some weight so the characters will be forced to handle it like its full of something… Maybe even coffee… not like a paper cup.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that pisses me off.


What’s your pet peeve?