We’re back…

From a week aboard the Norwegian Pearl and while I would like to spend a little more time talking about our family vacation with Grammy and Gampa, I will make the following comments;

1.  American Airlines sucks shit.

2. The Norwegian Pearl Kids Club also sucks shit

3. Damian… AA guy… You know who you are.  You suck shit too.

4. Roatan… left a lasting impression on all of us.

5. Al and Caroline made the trip a LOT of fun

6. Birthday Tepanyaki was great, as was the birthday photoshoot of me and my boys.

7. I sang karyoke on the ship… I can’t sing… No wonder the audience didn’t clap.  LOL.

More to come…

6 thoughts on “We’re back…

  1. American Airlines and the The Norwegian Pearl Kids Club sucks shit.

    Damian… AA guy… sucks shit too.

    Leaving the job crap behind, spending time with the family and gathering stuff for your blog….


    Welcome back.

  2. I think of all the comments, and you are all right, it was nice to get away from work – with the family… but for getting all these things to blog about really is priceless. LOL.

    Thanks for the great comments!!

  3. Yes, you did karaoke. But singing? Not sure I would actually call it that!

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