My Disaster Shopping Trip at Moores the Suit People

Dress shirt with button-down collar
Dress shirt with button-down collar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I had a terrible shopping experience at Moore’s the Suit People and it reminded me that if you don’t speak up, you get what you get and you can’t get upset.  I let them sell me inferior clothes, and when they tailored them it was worse.  But instead of recognizing that this experience was turning into a fiasco, I let it play out and got exactly what I deserved.


To be honest, I knew from the moment we entered the location that it was going to be a bad experience because I am very difficult to shop for.  I need someone with a similar build, or an experienced salesperson to guide me to what is hip, not trendy, classic, comfortable and will fit well.  The “manager” who came over to help me looked to be about 21-years-old, and while I’m sure that he’s great at fitting the average Joe who comes looking for a suit, he’s probably had too few clients of my size and build to have to fit properly.


I ended up leaving there with a medium-grey suit (I wanted dark, or blue) with a pinstripe and instead of finding a brand what fit my body type, they took a suit that was somewhat tight, went up one more size in the pants, then took in the waist – not the rest of the pant!  They also shortened the dress pants that I bought 2 inches too short and they did not adjust the jacket at all to help fit my large shoulders, and big back by tapering it in at the waist.




Every one of the 5 dress shirts they sold me were too small and I was allergic to the fabric.  I asked them before I bought the shirts if they were 100% cotton and if I could try them on, but they assured me that they had a great return policy and that all I needed to do was try on the shirt and if I was unhappy, I could return them.   Apparently that was not exactly correct as they would not accept returns on shirts that were open, worn, or past the return date.  I had them dry cleaned and gave them to a colleague of mine who has a similar build and could stand the fabric.  These kids from New Jersey sure are tough!


But it was the suit that disappointed me the most.  I let the discussions drag on for months before deciding to say something, so I walked into the store and explained my discomfort with the clothes, asked them to make it right, and told them I was not leaving until it was fixed.  They offered to fix it for a price.  Also the “Manager” was not there that day and they had no “authority” to do anything like that so they wanted to take down my number and have the manager call me, or better, I could take time off work and come back during another day to speak to him.


I was done.  I left and wrote a note to the customer service department at Moores.  Here is the letter;


In August 2009 I went into the Moore’s clothing location at Steeles and Yonge in Toronto in order to buy a new suit to help me with a series of  upcoming job interviews.  It must have worked because the suit – not the colour I would have thought going in, and may or may not have been the right cut for me – helped me through the process and onto a new endeavour in my career. 


As a show of good faith, I came in a few weeks later and bought 3 pairs of dress pants, 5 dress shirts and 3 ties.  My bill came to just over $800.00.  I had them shortened (I wanted cuffs on the pants but the very young salesman told me I did NOT want cuffs – I did not get cuffs) and proceeded to wear them starting with my first day on the job, only to find out that all three pants were 2 inches too short.  I looked like I was walking in a flood.  It was pretty embarrassing.  At first I thought it might be the style, but later realized they were just too short.  My father-in-law also thinks they are not cut well and there is way too much material in the rear.  I was so disappointed and worried about having to bring them back – Moore’s is expensive for alterations – to be lengthened that I found a mom and pop shop in Richmond Hill that added back the 2 inches to all 3 of my pants…

But it gets worse…

Turns out I am allergic to whatever material the 5 dress shirts are made of.  There is no label indicating what they are made of – I presumed cotton, and that was what the salesperson told me.  I have at least 10 other dress shirts that I purchased from Moores over the years and have never had the reaction I had to these.  I have since stopped wearing them, and look at the pretty colours hanging in my closet every morning when I walk in to get dressed.  The ties, are beautiful – although they were bought for the shirts.  I tried the shirts again – with undershirts – to see if I could salvage them, but to no avail.  It feels like my skin is on fire and I scratched all day and night.  When I tried to return them I was told that all sales were final, that the store would not accept shirts that were open, worn, washed, etc., even though at the time when I wanted to try them on and the store was closing for the night, I was reassured that I could bring them back if I was unhappy.


I like to come to Moores because of the “tall” style, where I can get shirts long enough for my slightly longer arms without requiring a bigger shirt.

I really feel throughout this experience that the staff at this location were looking out for themselves and not for me.  I am really disappointed and right now I will never set foot into a Moores location again.





I never did hear back from the manager at the store, nor did I hear back from customer service department.  I ended up taking my suit to the cleaners near my house and in one day, the owner completely altered my suit to fit me and it cost me only $35.00.   I will, however, never go back into a Moores store, and have begun searching for Men’s clothing stores for my men of my age, experience and level.




Any suggestions? 






2 thoughts on “My Disaster Shopping Trip at Moores the Suit People

  1. The Urban Daddy April 27, 2018 / 8:22 pm

    Whew, Jacob! I’m the total opposite. I usually take whatever I get and instead of speaking up I leave it and then I’m miserable for not speaking up.

    That being said, I don’t think I’m an old man at 30, unless you’re way younger, then call me grandpa!

    I bought stuff at Tom’s Place and was thrilled. So I can be satisfied!

    Thanks for your comment, though.


  2. jacob April 23, 2018 / 6:50 am

    you just come off sounding like “one of those” customers that is never happy and never will be. this was just an old man whining .


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