A music post…

What’s in my iPod right now:

Random 5 in a row.

1) Still Remains – Stone Temple Pilots –  This song has one of my favourite song lyrics of all time;  “Take a bath, I’ll drink the water that you leave. If you should die before me, ask if you can bring a friend.”

2) Alive – Pearl Jam – “Is something wrong she said?” “Of course there is”. “You’re still alive she said”. “Do I deserve to be?” “Is that the question?” “…and if so (if so), who answers (who answers)?!?”

3) Doperide – Saliva (A “doperide” is a very pimped up car)

4) Long Time – Guns ‘N’ Roses (very disappointing new album, Chinese Democracy)

5) Striptease – Buckcherry – Listen to this song on regular radio, it’s quite a hoot as every 3rd word is censored out.


We’re back…

From a week aboard the Norwegian Pearl and while I would like to spend a little more time talking about our family vacation with Grammy and Gampa, I will make the following comments;

1.  American Airlines sucks shit.

2. The Norwegian Pearl Kids Club also sucks shit

3. Damian… AA guy… You know who you are.  You suck shit too.

4. Roatan… left a lasting impression on all of us.

5. Al and Caroline made the trip a LOT of fun

6. Birthday Tepanyaki was great, as was the birthday photoshoot of me and my boys.

7. I sang karyoke on the ship… I can’t sing… No wonder the audience didn’t clap.  LOL.

More to come…

On vacation!

Hi folks!

No posts from me for a week, as I take my family and in-laws down south for a cruise for the next week.  My first time off since I started my new job in September.  I’m so beat, yet so looking forward to it! 

My staff cannot believe that I’m off in the middle of tax season, but that’s what happens when you book a vacation 6 months in advance.

Going to finish packing… Enjoy the weather… Giggle.

Another day at the… gym!

Yup.  Another day at the gym for me.  My colleague has already lost 10 pounds but me???  maybe 3.  I have, according to my Wii Fit, lost 2.2 pounds and my BMI has dropped 1 unit from Obese to… well… Obese.  I’m close, though.  I see Overweight in the horizon…

Today we spent 30 minutes on cardio, then 45 minutes on chest and triceps.  Throw in some abs, a nice hot shower and by 2pm I was so done for the day.  I’ll log into work later tonight and get some work done.

I don’t see much of a difference on my body, my pants are still tight, but my thighs don’t seem to be rubbing as much and my “mommy milk” chest is looking more like a mans chest.  Take that, Stewie!

If I ever make it to my desired weight level (200 pounds), I so will NOT be buying my new threads at Moore’s… (See previous post).


An aside:

This was post 293.

Comments sit at 597.

I’ve been blogging for… a while.  🙂  My first post was May 29, 2006, and I was bitching about, of course, the TTC.