More fu%kin snow!?!

Just when I thought it was safe to go outside (read: drive up to Richmond Hill in the wife’s standard vehicle) we get dumped on with feet upon feet of snow (closer to 5-10cm) and all hell breaks loose on the roads.

Where are the goddamn ploughs???

Why do they wait until after the snowfall to come out of hiding?  Are they afraid?  Maybe it’s a union thing, like the one that is slowly destroying York University.  Maybe it’s a plan to allow people (not me) to take the day off work…  Who knows, but it’s really fucking annoying.  Can drive on an incline, stopping and starting bite, forget turning and I think I must close my eyes and pray (and I’m not a religious man) every time I look into the rear-view mirror and see a SUV or minivan flying up behind me because crappy driving conditions don’t exist for them…

Not fun.

So after an hour and a bit drive this morning and an hour drive home, I am already dreading the morning drive tomorrow.  If I leave before 7:30, I might get there before 8:30, or if I wait I’ll be there after 9.  It should be interesting considering Stewie is sick (again).  He has an ear infection, and is on meds.  Looking at him now, in the bath with his brother, he is lethargic and his eyes are droopy.  He looks sick.  Poor kid.  Hope he sleeps tonight!  I should plan on being asleep early myself so when he wakes up at 2am again I’ll be ok.

About that 2am wake up…

Monday night I had ball-hockey – we tied the worst team in the league 1-1.  I had a pretty good game, I thought.  I had spent an hour in the gym earlier in the day and I felt great.  Many players on my team were yelling at me to play physical, but when I did, they complained that the guy ran past me… duh!  No shit he did… But he didn’t have the ball…

So after the game I got changed, ran an errand them came home at 1:30am for bed.


Tuesday night (last night) I was asleep really early – 10:30pm – but Stewie woke up at 1:50am calling for me.  He had to pee.

Seriously… This is what a child in the midst of toilet-training does… Wakes his daddy up in the middle of the night to pee.  Then grabs his blankie and pillow and announces that he’s sleeping in “mummy’s bed”.


I get him back to bed after 30 minutes of him crying and I slide back into bed and back to sleep.

Don’t see much sleep in the plans for tonight…


2 thoughts on “More fu%kin snow!?!

  1. Funny Bunny Mama January 31, 2009 / 11:01 pm

    And it’s supposed to snow again this Mon & Tues apparently


  2. Naomi (Urban Mummy) January 29, 2009 / 12:14 pm

    But then, you were snoring before 10 (yay for you) and Stewie slept until 5 am…when he decided he was hungry (of course). Not too bad…he did get another hour of sleep, but woke up when Linus SCREAMED that he had to poo.

    Toilet issues, man. I won’t miss those!


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