More fu%kin snow!?!

Just when I thought it was safe to go outside (read: drive up to Richmond Hill in the wife’s standard vehicle) we get dumped on with feet upon feet of snow (closer to 5-10cm) and all hell breaks loose on the roads. Where are the goddamn ploughs??? Why do they wait until after the snowfall […]

NHL All-Star Game

The NHL All-Star game skill competition and young star game was yesterday in hockey-mad Montreal and it was, as usual, ok. Not a big fan of the All-Star game because it interrupts the season, but I really enjoy the showcase that is put on by the players.  End to end, lots of passing and fancy […]

Chinese New Year

Begins Sunday night and is celebrated Monday.  I know very little about it other than the red envelopes with money.  Considering 3/4rs of the staff @ my office are Chinese and 3/4rs of my staff are Chinese – and are working Monday – I feel the need to learn more. I Googled it, and here […]

What I am doing right now…

Sitting by the side of the bed with my laptop on typing this post, my work laptop beside me – filling out a risk report, and the TV on watching the Washington Capitals vs. Ottawa Senators.  I’m voting for the Caps.  I like Ovechkin.  He is fun to watch indeed. I am thinking about getting […]