More fu%kin snow!?!

Just when I thought it was safe to go outside (read: drive up to Richmond Hill in the wife’s standard vehicle) we get dumped on with feet upon feet of snow (closer to 5-10cm) and all hell breaks loose on the roads.

Where are the goddamn ploughs???

Why do they wait until after the snowfall to come out of hiding?  Are they afraid?  Maybe it’s a union thing, like the one that is slowly destroying York University.  Maybe it’s a plan to allow people (not me) to take the day off work…  Who knows, but it’s really fucking annoying.  Can drive on an incline, stopping and starting bite, forget turning and I think I must close my eyes and pray (and I’m not a religious man) every time I look into the rear-view mirror and see a SUV or minivan flying up behind me because crappy driving conditions don’t exist for them…

Not fun.

So after an hour and a bit drive this morning and an hour drive home, I am already dreading the morning drive tomorrow.  If I leave before 7:30, I might get there before 8:30, or if I wait I’ll be there after 9.  It should be interesting considering Stewie is sick (again).  He has an ear infection, and is on meds.  Looking at him now, in the bath with his brother, he is lethargic and his eyes are droopy.  He looks sick.  Poor kid.  Hope he sleeps tonight!  I should plan on being asleep early myself so when he wakes up at 2am again I’ll be ok.

About that 2am wake up…

Monday night I had ball-hockey – we tied the worst team in the league 1-1.  I had a pretty good game, I thought.  I had spent an hour in the gym earlier in the day and I felt great.  Many players on my team were yelling at me to play physical, but when I did, they complained that the guy ran past me… duh!  No shit he did… But he didn’t have the ball…

So after the game I got changed, ran an errand them came home at 1:30am for bed.


Tuesday night (last night) I was asleep really early – 10:30pm – but Stewie woke up at 1:50am calling for me.  He had to pee.

Seriously… This is what a child in the midst of toilet-training does… Wakes his daddy up in the middle of the night to pee.  Then grabs his blankie and pillow and announces that he’s sleeping in “mummy’s bed”.


I get him back to bed after 30 minutes of him crying and I slide back into bed and back to sleep.

Don’t see much sleep in the plans for tonight…


I’ve got orange pants, I wear them when I dance, but I don’t get out that much…

Today I am asking why.

Why can’t I find the latch that opens the hood on UrbanMummy’s volvo?  It thirsts for windshield washer fluid but I cannot feed it.  I swear I keep looking past the latch, or button, or level and I know it is laughing at me… Fucker.

Why does my former employer think that the lies of a current employee are enough fodder to continue their harassment of me?!?  Yesterday a registered letter arrived and threatened… “disciplinary actions”… yup.  For a job I don’t even work at and probably never will… Really bright.

NHL All-Star Game

The NHL All-Star game skill competition and young star game was yesterday in hockey-mad Montreal and it was, as usual, ok.

Not a big fan of the All-Star game because it interrupts the season, but I really enjoy the showcase that is put on by the players.  End to end, lots of passing and fancy plays.  For someone like me who plays organized ball-hockey (never ice hockey though) I watch and wonder how the heck they do that.

To all that skill and showcasing, there is the down side of hockey, that being fighting and boarding and dirty players.

It’s time for hockey everywhere to smarten up and stop fighting and boarding and turn the attention back to skill and speed.  Who really needs scripted fights between goons.  I’d rather those few minutes per game be used for something hockey-related, like passing, shooting or scoring.  It’s never been part of the game and the thought that Americans watch hockey for fighting is bullshit.  They DON’T watch hockey.  Let’s stop catering to them and bring the game back to it’s roots and back to Canadians.

No more fighting, unless really part of a game.  Reduce the rosters by one spot for the goon, and crack down on the antics of idiot players who are known as “shift disturbers”.  If all they do it run guys and hurt them, they are no longer allowed to play and must either learn to play or do something else. 

I want to see a nifty deke, not a guy laying on the ice bleeding because he got knocked out in a fight and is having a seizure on the ice.  Enough of that crap.

More to come on this issue / post, for sure!

Chinese New Year

Begins Sunday night and is celebrated Monday.  I know very little about it other than the red envelopes with money.  Considering 3/4rs of the staff @ my office are Chinese and 3/4rs of my staff are Chinese – and are working Monday – I feel the need to learn more.

I Googled it, and here is what I found…

Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is one of the most important traditional Chinese holidays.  It is sometimes called the Luner New Year, especially by people outside China.  The festival traditionally begins on the first day of the first lunar month in the Chinese calendar and ends on the 15th; this day is called Lantern Festival.

Chinese New Year is considered a major holiday for the Chinese.   In Canada, although Chinese New Year is not an official holiday, many ethnic Chinese hold large celebrations.

The 2009 date for Chinese New Year is January 26th.  The year of the OX.

The Chinese New Year celebrations are marked by visits to kin, relatives and friends, a practice known as “new-year visits”.  New clothings are usually worn to signify a new year. The colour red is liberally used in all decorations.  Red packets are given to juniors and children by the married and elders.

Traditionally, red envelopes, or red packets are passed out during the Chinese New Year’s celebrations, from married couples or the elderly to unmarried juniors.  It is also common for adults or young couples to give red packets to children.  These packets represent “the money used to suppress or put down the evil spirit”.  In addition to the red envelopes, gifts (usually of food or sweets) are also exchanged between friends / relatives.  Common gifts include fruits (typically oranges, and never pears), cakes, biscuits, chocolates, candies, or some other small gifts.

Clothing mainly featuring the colour red is commonly worn throughout the Chinese New Year because it is believed that red will scare away evil spirits and bad fortune. In addition, people typically wear new clothes from head to toe to symbolize a new beginning in the new year


The following are popular floral decorations for the New Year and are available at new year markets.

Floral Decor Meaning
Peach blossom symbolizes luck
Kumquat symbolizes prosperity
Narcissus symbolizes prosperity
Chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity
Bamboo a plant used for any time of year
Sunflower means to have a good year

Very interesting!

What I am doing right now…

Sitting by the side of the bed with my laptop on typing this post, my work laptop beside me – filling out a risk report, and the TV on watching the Washington Capitals vs. Ottawa Senators.  I’m voting for the Caps.  I like Ovechkin.  He is fun to watch indeed.

I am thinking about getting back to the gym tomorrow – joined the one near my office just before the new year and have been there about 12 times since.  Trying to lose some weight or build some muscle before our cruise in February.  Time is running out. 

I am also thinking a lot about President Obama.  It’s a big deal that he is president of the US, but it shouldn’t be.  This should have happened YEARS ago.  The US can critisize other countries for their foreign policies, but can’t find a way to make groups like the KKK and neo-nazi’s illegal.  Freedom of speech or not.  Hate sucks.

I’m also wondering why it is that my TV is going to turn off the game in 9 minutes when my PVR-happy wife (who is not even here) takes over the TV.  Seriously… For as obsessed I am about having a clean driveway, she is about taping TV shows, and while I am getting used to always watching her TV shows, like Party of 5, Kate and Allie and Felicity, sometimes I like to watch sports or cooking shows on my bedroom TV… Kind of like I am now.

Well… Back to work… OR facebook… I into the top 100 in jedi vs sith… I know… LOSER.  🙂  I prefer geek, thank you.