45 minutes

45 minutes is about the exact amount of sleep I received 2 nights ago.  Stewie was crying and wailing, hitting and pinching.  OY.

Last night – 3 hours, then he wanted “Mummy”.  Came into our bed.  More kvetching, hitting and pinching.   5:15am he was in the kitchen with me eating cheese sticks…

We went out tonight and had a great time with friends.  Ate Indian food, walked in the mall, had coffee, then went to Wal-Mart.  Now I’m beat.  Good thing I actually went and worked out at the gym I joined yesterday.  Right near my office. 

Right now we are in bed watching Law & Order on PVR.  I’m blogging.  Even reading other blogs… About time!

Nite  all


One thought on “45 minutes

  1. Pol January 5, 2009 / 9:47 pm

    Thanks for your comment, i’m totally biased so yeah she is beautiful but its nice to hear from someone else!
    I had to attend a family funeral on New years eve so can sympathise with your earlier post, hope you and your family are coping.
    Happy birthday to Linus and Happy New Year to all your family, hopefully i’ll be in blogland a little more now Imogen and i have settled in with each other lol
    Pol x


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