Warning: Foul language inside…

This is an open letter to the douche bag that I used to work with who decided in some sick way that it would be fun to google my name, print my LinkedIn profile and send it anonymously to my former group manager with a note attached to it that read something to the extent of, “Is this what a person on parental leave should be doing on their leave?”

What a stupid fucking bitch (I’m pretty sure I know who did this).

I suspect she thought this was a great idea… Revenge (for what, who knows?) I think she thought this was something she needed to do.  Forget the fact that I have been gone from there for almost 4 months and that I have NO intention of ever going back.  I chose not to resign because, well, I didn’t have to. 

Guess what?  Still don’t.

Had a – what I thought to be – private meeting with former group manager and former Team Leader plus a union representative and we talked about me.  Group Manager asked me questions about working on my leave that led me to believe that he knew something but didn’t tell me what he knew, so I answered his questions honestly.  At one point he asked me if I actually prepared tax forms… Hoping I’m sure that I would say yes, and thus be in conflict, but I looked him right in the eye and asked him if he prepares tax returns in his position.  He looked puzzled and asked me the question again.  I again asked him the same question right back.  He shrugged his shoulders and responded in the negative.  I smirked at him and said, “Hey, were at the same level now.  If you don’t prepare them, why would I”.  He didn’t look pleased but went on to the next question.  After a few more questions, we pulled out this secret print out he received and let me look at it.  I was pissed.  I flipped it back to him and acknowledged it was 100% accurate but that none of it changed the fact that there is no conflict of interest.  I work different types of tax, I didn’t leave for this job, but went on leave and found it.  He knows I’ve been frustrated that I was unable to advance in my former position, finding a team leader job even while being the only staff member with a MBA.  He knew this was my third leave – 2 parental and this one personal, and he didn’t seem too concerned that I had found work that was now no longer in conflict.  His ass was covered, so was mine.

Then comes today…

Not half a day went by before someone approached my sister and wanted to verify a rumour that I was in the building yesterday, had a meeting with the manager for getting caught working as a manager while on leave as a result of someone sending in a copy of my LinkedIn profile.  Pretty detailed, eh?

Then came a facebook message from a fellow blogger asking if the rumour of this meeting and my subsequent firing was true.

So much for that confidential meeting… Someone is getting an ear full from me tomorrow.  I was disappointed upon leaving in April that no one seemed to know, or care, that I was gone.  I was wrong.  There was one psycho who still wanted to.  I hope she sleeps better now knowing she got me.  But boy will she be disappointed to find out that nothing came from this meeting, that I was probably going to resign into the new year anyway once my probation ended and that, quite frankly, knowing now that it’s out in the open makes me feel WAY better.  I’m relived.

Now everyone is talking about me, and I don’t care.  I liked sneaking out and only having a few know where I was. 

I should tell them I’ve been fired and now they’ll be no holiday cheer in the UrbanDaddy household and…  Naw.  I’m done with working in Kindergarden.  I have a real job, with real responsibilities, and for the first time in 10 years I’m using my brain.  If I were a vengeful person I’d be wishing this person bad, but I’m not and in my heart of hearts I feel sorry for her.  She’s sick and needs help.  She wanted to hurt me.  She’s done it before to so many people.  I feel sorry for her, but not sorry enough to resign.  I want to ride this out as long as I can just because I can. 

I’m still pissed, but getting over it.

Dumb bitch.



3 thoughts on “Warning: Foul language inside…

  1. Becky January 11, 2009 / 11:02 pm

    Too bad that person has no life. Thankfully you do and a wonderful one at that.

    I think this behavior is just like middle school as my kindergarteners are much more mature than that. 😉


  2. Gabriella December 19, 2008 / 12:47 am

    Too much to handle. Not even kindergarter’s more like preschool…I too am glad that you made the decision and left!! It must feel like a breath of fresh air to work with people who are “real”.


  3. Laural December 18, 2008 / 1:18 pm

    Sorry I haven’t read in a bit.
    But, that sucks.
    Im glad you’re moving on.


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