Ewww, stinky. The reaction upon entering my 2-year-old’s room in the morning.

Morning time in my house is a little unique, at least I seem to think so. My oldest boy, Linus, has a clock in his room and we taught him to not get out of the room until the first number on the digital clock is a “7”.

Swetie on the other hand, is a completely different story. Read on and you will see why we think this kid is VERY different from his brother.

This morning, for example, Linus wanted to wake up Stewie in the worst way, but we wouldn’t let him. He likes to scare Stewie to death and that leads to fights. Not cool first thing in the morning. While Linus waits (most days) for his clock to hit 7am before he leaves his room – as per instructions and training, Stewie usally gets up, chatters to himself them calls out to us before we come and get him.

I recall that Linus used to do that too…  I miss that.

I don’t reall like that Linus sprints from his room to our room at 7:01am even though he is usually still exhausted.  I actually like the way Stewie does it now.

That being said…

This morning after hearing Stewie calling to get up, Linus was given permission to go get his brother – on the condition he not run into the room and yell, “boo”. 

I told almost 4-year old Linus that I have the baby monitor near my head and I would hear him so he had better not yell, “boo”.

Linus ran down the hall, flew into Stewie’s room, yelling “boo”.

Then I heard this from Linus…

“Ewwwww.  Stewie, your room is so stinky.”

Out walked a dejected Linus.

In I walked.

Stewie, sitting calmly in the corner of his bed playing with a plastic necklace and his blankie looked up at me and said, “Linus said ewww, your stinky cause you have stinky poo in your bum!  I do have stinky poo in my bum.  I am stinky”…

I looked at him.

He looked at me.

He was stinky. His room is stinky.

I changed his diaper.

Then he became happy.

I’m happy because he’s not stinky.

Linus is happy too.

They went into Linus’ room to play.


One thought on “Ewww, stinky. The reaction upon entering my 2-year-old’s room in the morning.

  1. Pol November 23, 2008 / 2:14 pm

    Ello! Glad you liked the video! Your favourite bit is mine too, cracks me up every time i see it! And yeah we have 2 cats too!
    Love reading about Linus and Stewie, can’t wait till Imogen is doing things i can write about.
    Thanks for the comment :0)
    Pol x


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