Kids, kids and more kids… Looking back at behaviours

I found this post sitting in my draft folder from November 18th, 2008.  So Linus would be almost 4 and Stewie would have just turned 2.  I’m posting it back to that date, so anyone subscribed to my feed will be seeing this in real-time in February 2012.

I wanted to post this not because I’m a whiny bitch complaining about my kids, but because it sheds some light into the personalities of Linus and Stewie.  I mentioned in this post that Stewie started calling everyone “Baba”.  He kept this up for quite a while, much in the same way Linus keeps using that goofy baby voice he picked up and some silly faces he continues to use into his 7th year of life.  If my memory serves me correctly, Stewie would say “Baba” and Linus would laugh.  How could he possibly stop with attention like that!

I’m actually not surprised at all about the voices and general goofyness since I was the exact same way in school.  I actually did something very mean and cruel back in middle school which I’m not proud to this day.  We had a new student come to the school, and he had round wire glasses – which we not cool in the early 1980’s in my circle of friends, and he came to class in a lumberjack shirt (look it up kids) and jeans.  The teacher introduced him and I immediately announced that his name should be “Eugene” because “He looks like an Eugene”.  Oops.  While he seemed okay with this, I went one step further and created Eugene talk which was a high-pitched squeaky talk, and I spoke Eugene talk for probably 4 years.


I know.  It’s no wonder some of the school thought I was cool while the majority knew I was a giant wanker trying way too hard to make friends.

Getting to know this guy as I got older made me realize he had no hard feelings because we never teased him aside from that first day; We all yelled “Eugene!” when he came into the classroom and while he hung out with the losers of the school – the guys that smoked, and missed class – he survived and turned out to be a pretty okay guy but never really did anything amazing with his life.  He was pretty average, if not below average and I’d always wondered if being cast as the class nerd – by everyone not just me, damaged his self-esteem, or if he was what he was and we just pointed it out.

I apologized to him many times.  But I still feel bad.  I think that is one of the reasons that I tend to get to know everyone regardless of what others say about them.  All people are good people.

Anyways, below is the post on Linus and Stewie from November 2008… 


They kill me… literally.  If it’s not the always tired child biting me or the never-tired one kicking, slapping or jumping on me then its their constant playful screeching – or taking the pillows off the couch all the time – or getting up at all hours of the night claiming there are monsters in their rooms… These kids exhaust me.

On the other hand, however, they thoroughly entertain me too.

Stewie started calling everyone “Baba”.  So now we started calling him “Stewie baba”.  He has since started calling the nanny, “nanny baba”, Linus is “Linus Baba” and so it goes. 

My kids are tiring but they are also budding comedians.

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