WTF am I thinking about?!?

1. Why it bothers my 2 year old so much when he sees that the alarm is on at home.  He sees the red light and practically begs for; “daddy, turn the red off, please”. 

2. Downloading music / putting my CD’s into my crappy – can’t keep a charge for longer than 15 minutes – ipod;  The Box – Ordinary People, That new song by Pink called So What, some song by Nickleback, Hells Bells by AC/DC, some music by a guy whose parents sadly named him “T.I.”, some new G’N’R stuff, and I want to buy from iTunes the song by my neighbour and last night’s winning pool team member, Dr. Andrew Jacob Scott.  I think he could use the, what, $0.36 royalty… Poor guy is a talented Canadian Jazz musician after all.  Give him his money and a Juno!  Now!

3. Why are people rude?  What gives them the right?  Same for being racist?  Who the fuck do they think they are.

4. How can I get any traffic to this site without tipping off some people that I do not want to find me… like almost all my former colleagues.  There are a few that I have fond spot for and think of often, but the rest can quite literally go to hell. 

5. Why does the fucking right arrow at the top right of this site – the one for next random blog, not fucking work?  It keeps bringing me to the same fucking site… In arabic…

6. I am amazed that Linus picks all the white skin fragments off his orange segments just like his Mummy does.  I thought it was mondo-bizzaro when she did it, but watching him do it without learning it from here is uber-weird.  I also find it odd that he picks the “banana-noodles” or part of the peel still stuck to the banana to the rest of us, off the banana before he will eat it.  He’s friggin meticulous.  If UrbanMummy ate bananas (she’s deathly afraid of them she can’t stand their texture, I expect she would be doing the same!

Warm Fuzzy Thought of the Day: “You can give all the gifts in the world to the one you have chosen, but the everlasting one will always remain the deed of a kind word”. Jacques Pierre Ribault


One thought on “WTF am I thinking about?!?

  1. Gabriella November 14, 2008 / 7:33 pm

    ummm I pick all the white skin off my oranges as well…

    send an email to those you want to know about the site…


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