Ewww, stinky. The reaction upon entering my 2-year-old’s room in the morning.

Morning time in my house is a little unique, at least I seem to think so. My oldest boy, Linus, has a clock in his room and we taught him to not get out of the room until the first number on the digital clock is a “7”.

Swetie on the other hand, is a completely different story. Read on and you will see why we think this kid is VERY different from his brother.

This morning, for example, Linus wanted to wake up Stewie in the worst way, but we wouldn’t let him. He likes to scare Stewie to death and that leads to fights. Not cool first thing in the morning. While Linus waits (most days) for his clock to hit 7am before he leaves his room – as per instructions and training, Stewie usally gets up, chatters to himself them calls out to us before we come and get him.

I recall that Linus used to do that too…  I miss that.

I don’t reall like that Linus sprints from his room to our room at 7:01am even though he is usually still exhausted.  I actually like the way Stewie does it now.

That being said…

This morning after hearing Stewie calling to get up, Linus was given permission to go get his brother – on the condition he not run into the room and yell, “boo”. 

I told almost 4-year old Linus that I have the baby monitor near my head and I would hear him so he had better not yell, “boo”.

Linus ran down the hall, flew into Stewie’s room, yelling “boo”.

Then I heard this from Linus…

“Ewwwww.  Stewie, your room is so stinky.”

Out walked a dejected Linus.

In I walked.

Stewie, sitting calmly in the corner of his bed playing with a plastic necklace and his blankie looked up at me and said, “Linus said ewww, your stinky cause you have stinky poo in your bum!  I do have stinky poo in my bum.  I am stinky”…

I looked at him.

He looked at me.

He was stinky. His room is stinky.

I changed his diaper.

Then he became happy.

I’m happy because he’s not stinky.

Linus is happy too.

They went into Linus’ room to play.


Recession Talk – GM

Recession talk.  Why I believe we should allow these auto-firms to implode and start from scratch.  Not just million dollar bonuses, but in excess of 10 million dollar bonuses are insane and I believe that any of these firms that have bonuses in that amount and a firm winds up in financial trouble should result in that money being forced to be paid back and, assets seized and that CEO sent to jail.  It’s criminal and we sit and accept it.  Abuses like that, much like a professional baseball player seeking over $20 million dollars a year, are just plane stupid. 
Do these CEO’s think we are stupid?  They must.  The problem is that unions have been forcing wages higher and now untrained auto workers will never be able to accept working for less than $70/hour and will never find acceptable work should their industry collapse – as it should.  Politicians don’t have the balls to put these dinosaurs away. 
In the rest of the business world, if a company offering a product or service is over-priced, what happens… No one uses their product / service, sales go down and the business shuts down.  Same for employees.  If an employee demands too much money and the business is no longer making money, then that employee gets laid off.  Why should a business owner, like GM, or Chrysler, or Mom and Pop corner shop have a gun held to their head by an employee saying, if you don’t pay me X amount of money I will withhold my services, regardless of the fact that business is suffering and may be forced to shut down.  That employee should be thankful for a job, period.  That being said, if at the same time the operators of the shop are taking millions of dollars from the business, that too should be policed. 

Conclusion: Unions back away to keep the business running and some of your members employed…  CEO’s stop taking bonuses while crying about the suffering in your industry.  That is enough reason for me to never buy your product…     

Here is the article…

Big Three Auto Execs Flew in Luxury Jets to Seek Multibillion-Dollar Bailout
Wednesday, November 19, 2008
The CEOs of the Big Three automakers reportedly flew private luxury jets to Washington to plead for a $25 billion taxpayer bailout to save their debt-ridden industry — ringing up tens of thousands in charges even as they cried poverty.
Recipients of eight-figure bonuses in 2007, the corporate cowboys used their executive perks — which for GM’s Rick Wagoner include the run of a $36 million Gulfstream IV jet — to arrive in style as they went begging before Congress.
Wagoner, whose flight reportedly cost $20,000 round-trip — about 70 times more than a commercial airline ticket — told Congress he expected about $10-$12 billion from the requested bailout.
“This is a slap in the face of taxpayers,” Tom Schatz, president of Citizens Against Government Waste, told ABC News. “To come to Washington on a corporate jet, and asking for a handout is outrageous.”

Kids, kids and more kids… Looking back at behaviours

I found this post sitting in my draft folder from November 18th, 2008.  So Linus would be almost 4 and Stewie would have just turned 2.  I’m posting it back to that date, so anyone subscribed to my feed will be seeing this in real-time in February 2012.

I wanted to post this not because I’m a whiny bitch complaining about my kids, but because it sheds some light into the personalities of Linus and Stewie.  I mentioned in this post that Stewie started calling everyone “Baba”.  He kept this up for quite a while, much in the same way Linus keeps using that goofy baby voice he picked up and some silly faces he continues to use into his 7th year of life.  If my memory serves me correctly, Stewie would say “Baba” and Linus would laugh.  How could he possibly stop with attention like that!

I’m actually not surprised at all about the voices and general goofyness since I was the exact same way in school.  I actually did something very mean and cruel back in middle school which I’m not proud to this day.  We had a new student come to the school, and he had round wire glasses – which we not cool in the early 1980’s in my circle of friends, and he came to class in a lumberjack shirt (look it up kids) and jeans.  The teacher introduced him and I immediately announced that his name should be “Eugene” because “He looks like an Eugene”.  Oops.  While he seemed okay with this, I went one step further and created Eugene talk which was a high-pitched squeaky talk, and I spoke Eugene talk for probably 4 years.


I know.  It’s no wonder some of the school thought I was cool while the majority knew I was a giant wanker trying way too hard to make friends.

Getting to know this guy as I got older made me realize he had no hard feelings because we never teased him aside from that first day; We all yelled “Eugene!” when he came into the classroom and while he hung out with the losers of the school – the guys that smoked, and missed class – he survived and turned out to be a pretty okay guy but never really did anything amazing with his life.  He was pretty average, if not below average and I’d always wondered if being cast as the class nerd – by everyone not just me, damaged his self-esteem, or if he was what he was and we just pointed it out.

I apologized to him many times.  But I still feel bad.  I think that is one of the reasons that I tend to get to know everyone regardless of what others say about them.  All people are good people.

Anyways, below is the post on Linus and Stewie from November 2008… 


They kill me… literally.  If it’s not the always tired child biting me or the never-tired one kicking, slapping or jumping on me then its their constant playful screeching – or taking the pillows off the couch all the time – or getting up at all hours of the night claiming there are monsters in their rooms… These kids exhaust me.

On the other hand, however, they thoroughly entertain me too.

Stewie started calling everyone “Baba”.  So now we started calling him “Stewie baba”.  He has since started calling the nanny, “nanny baba”, Linus is “Linus Baba” and so it goes. 

My kids are tiring but they are also budding comedians.

WTF am I thinking about?!?

1. Why it bothers my 2 year old so much when he sees that the alarm is on at home.  He sees the red light and practically begs for; “daddy, turn the red off, please”. 

2. Downloading music / putting my CD’s into my crappy – can’t keep a charge for longer than 15 minutes – ipod;  The Box – Ordinary People, That new song by Pink called So What, some song by Nickleback, Hells Bells by AC/DC, some music by a guy whose parents sadly named him “T.I.”, some new G’N’R stuff, and I want to buy from iTunes the song by my neighbour and last night’s winning pool team member, Dr. Andrew Jacob Scott.  I think he could use the, what, $0.36 royalty… Poor guy is a talented Canadian Jazz musician after all.  Give him his money and a Juno!  Now!

3. Why are people rude?  What gives them the right?  Same for being racist?  Who the fuck do they think they are.

4. How can I get any traffic to this site without tipping off some people that I do not want to find me… like almost all my former colleagues.  There are a few that I have fond spot for and think of often, but the rest can quite literally go to hell. 

5. Why does the fucking right arrow at the top right of this site – the one for next random blog, not fucking work?  It keeps bringing me to the same fucking site… In arabic…

6. I am amazed that Linus picks all the white skin fragments off his orange segments just like his Mummy does.  I thought it was mondo-bizzaro when she did it, but watching him do it without learning it from here is uber-weird.  I also find it odd that he picks the “banana-noodles” or part of the peel still stuck to the banana to the rest of us, off the banana before he will eat it.  He’s friggin meticulous.  If UrbanMummy ate bananas (she’s deathly afraid of them she can’t stand their texture, I expect she would be doing the same!

Warm Fuzzy Thought of the Day: “You can give all the gifts in the world to the one you have chosen, but the everlasting one will always remain the deed of a kind word”. Jacques Pierre Ribault

Tuesday Newsday

Tuesday Newsday… and UrbanDaddy original

News items that peaked the interest of UrbanDaddy on a Tuesday;

1. Remberence Day – We have a lot to be thankful for! Hug a veteran today, not just of WWI or WWII but any military action.

2. Mats Sundin sells Toronto Home – Renovated mansion sells for $5.7 million after months on market – He bought it for $1.7 million, renovated it, listed it at $6.5 million, then sold it for $5.7. This pretty much confirms that he is leaving Leafs and when he returns to play hockey, it will be somewhere else. This pisses me off because if he no intention of playing for the Leafs why didn’t he allow the team to trade him last season for players and prospects and help the team out. Him, McCabe, Tucker… Fuckers!

3. Lesbians attacked outside school – 43 year old man charged with assault, but the woman say it’s a hate crime… Fucking right it is! He was yelling words like, “dyke” then that does it for me. I challenge the courts to have the balls to put this waste of human life behind bars. What kind of a low-life scum would hit a woman, in front of a bunch of kids including hers.  People like this are dangerous to everyone.  He needs a special place to live for a while to learn how to control himself… Maybe being locked in a cell with a 350 pound convict named “Bubba” would send a message.  Asshole.

 4. RIP The Mars Lander – NASA’s Mars Lander is dead.  It just stopped sending back information and responding.  In the five-plus months it spent alive at its landing site (which believe it or not was on the planet Mars) , the spacecraft dug up samples of Martian dirt and subsurface water ice and analyzed them for signs of the planet’s past potential habitability.

Yesterday NASA announced that the mission whose final cost was (only) about $475 million, was effectively over.  Dwindling sunlight (caused by the transition from summer to fall at Phoenix’s location, which is roughly equivalent to northern Alaska on Earth) and light-obscuring dust in the atmosphere finally pushed Phoenix below its power threshold on Nov. 2.

 So let me get this straight.  It’s not like the craft stopped working because at $475 million and that cheap Chinese labour the damn thing fell apart, but it looks like the power source – sunlight in Phoenix – caused this beast to become part of the planet.  I don’t get it.  $475 million.  That would pay for a lot of socialized medicine or go a long way towards taking guns off the streets or educating, er, half the US population who think football and cheerleading are, like, totally awesome.  Like gag me with a spoon…  But seriously… How does one react to this?  You’re NASA.  You’re watching this mars lander driving around, looking at soil, ice, and other stuff when all of a sudden it just stops.  Are you angry?  Furious?  Sad?  What would that emotion be?  I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when that happened. 

5. Google adds video and voice chat to Gmail –  Google Inc added a voice and video chat feature to its Gmail email service on Tuesday, launching a free Web-based service that competes with the likes of eBay’s Skype.

Gmail and Google App subscribers can now choose to speak with friends on a video screen and simultaneously instant message them in a Google Chat box. – What I liked about the internet is what I’m starting to not like about the internet.  I liked that I could get up and turn on my computer, surf the net and play around.  Now?!?  I have to get washed, shower, get dressed and make sure that I’m in a jovial mood so that anyone in my contact list can come see me if they’re bored.  Come to think of it… That could be a good thing too.   Hmmmmmm.


Running udate: I ran last night – 35 minutes – didn’t have to pull up my sagging track pants this time. Went all spandex. I really need to get to the running room again… I think I wore out my shoes too… Damn.

I have been trying to cut back on the free coffee drinks that they offer here at my new gig. Instead I have had the pleasure of drinking green tea with ginseng, corn tea and green tea with brown rice. OMG, I could drink tea all day! Who needs coffee?!?


Warm fuzzy thought of the day: “Truly loving another means letting go of all expectations. It means full acceptance, even celebration of another’s personhood.” Karen Casey