The secret’s out…

I’m here.  Not over there.  For now, this is where I need to be so that I can write what I really want to and not feel censored.  I really wanted to talk the last month about my sudden departure from my employer of over 10 years and my new beginning doing something I have been longing to do for years – and no, I’m not pitching for the Toronto Blue Jays.  I am the Tax Manager for a company in the private sector, instead of working downtown, I’m stuck up in the boonies way north of the city, but I’ve been there for a week and have SO much to learn. 

You see, I have been told by my old employer for years that I could not manage.  I was too new, too old, too white, too unqualified, too tall, too smart, too dumb, I got everything, except for that opportunity.  So I went out and worked really have to get my MBA and threw that back in the face of management and again got nothing but it gave me an opportunity to speak to all my managers and my director about my dilemma – couldn’t get a meeting with the assistant directors, surprise, surprise – and was overjoyed to hear him tell me that I need to look in the private sector.  Little did they know that over a 6-month period I had been sending out over 400 resumes.  I liked when he suggested that I accept a demotion to go to the audit department – uhhh, yeah, sure.  I asked for a transfer but suddenly they stalled.  Fuckers!  

 So boy was I surprised when I was called by a HR rep on a Thursday for a position that I had never applied for in a company that I had never heard of.  I took the rest of the day off and never went back.

One week turned into 2, 3 then 4.  I had accepted the job and was asking for leave.  If anyone wanted to be a shithead – and why would I not think anyone would not – they could alert management and my leave would be denied and I would be forced to resign.  Not that big a deal, but a lot of work.  Thus far I love my new job, new responsibilities and challenging work.  Everyday is a new day.   It’s good.  Very good.

So I thought I should stop posting on my blogger site where some of my colleagues lurk and use that information to gossip about me to their loser friends and start anew here, where I can be free to talk about whatever I want.  If you are here it is because of a random choice or because I invited you here.  Thank you.  No need to comment.  Read.  Enjoy.


One thought on “The secret’s out…

  1. Pol September 22, 2008 / 2:35 pm

    Found you ok :0)
    Thanks for the link!
    Pol x


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