Sick of being sick…

I’m at my wits end.  I am so sick of being sick, its… sickening.  Since my first day on the new job I have been coughing, and it has been getting better, but as it improves, I am still coughing and now other things are starting to hurt.  I’m ok with the on again, off again sore throat and I survive the day of coughing where my chest was killing me, but as of yesterday afternoon, every time I cough, my head hurts all over like it’s being squeezed in a vice.  I’m so done with this.  I may yet end up at a doctor this week, and may, as I suspect, wind up on anti-biotics.  It’s not ideal, but at least I could go into the office and not appear close to death.  That would be novel.

On a good note, I harvested about 20 tomatos today.  Finally a haul.  Time fo frost, eh?

I’m still getting comments from my original blog – people sending me notes on facebook, and on that blog wishing me well and wondering where I’ve gone.  This made me realize 2 things; Firstly, that there are some people that are really nice and you want them to read your blog because you respect anything they may have to say, and secondly, it made me realize that I had a lot of blogs in my blogroll for people whose blogs I never go to, or have never come to mine but I included them because they are in the same city as me… Well, no more!  I’m removing the blogs from that blogroll of people who I have notified of this blog and they appear in my blogroll at the bottom of this blog.  The rest… They can stay there.


I was THAT guy…

I’m ashamed to say it, but today at the office, I was “That” guy.  I am the guy who sits in the managers desk in the corner who, since joining the company, has been hacking out his brains and looks really sleepy, but today was different.  Today I was the guy who peed in the early afternoon but didn’t zip his zipper up for almost 3 hours later.  Yup.  And what is worse is the fact that I was walking around, having conversations with my staff. and other managers and, well, being social.  With my fly open.  GAWD.  All I can be thankful for is the fact that I am now day 9 into feeling like shit and that my headache, sore throat and nagging cough means I don’t give a fuck…  At least I wasn’t wearing light underwear, eh?


Urban Mummy know this guy.  He spends a LOT of time sitting at our local Starbucks doing nothing, but when you come near him, or dare say hi, he fires back with a comment about how “busy” he is, or how “great” he is doing.  As far as I can tell, he goes there to avoid listening to his folks telling him to get a job, he brings his laptop and bangs away at it, but does sweet fuck all.  He’s funny… and annoying.  But, the more we expect to see him there, we more joy we get from seeing him there.  Which is exactly why we have taken his last name and started using it in reference to someone who goes to S’bux, laptop in hand, to basically do SWA and tell people how great you are / doing.  I had second thoughts about posting this, I mean what if the poor guy really is doing great and makes a trillion dollars, but I doubt it, so from here on in, I encourage UM to get out of the House and do the “Guterman”. 

I’m thinking of doing the Guterman at some point soon.

So should you!

It’s been one week…

… Since I began working at my new job and I love it.  I know.  It sounds weird to say it, and it’s weird to even think it.  After so many years of hating what I did, and quite frankly at times being embarrassed with it, I feel a little reluctant to tell the whole world about my new gig because I really should have done this years ago and, well, bragging makes me uncomfortable.

I have employees, I have challenges, responsibilities and right now I’m working less hours than I did in my former place of employment.  The people that report to me are educated, motivated and really know their stuff.  It’s refreshing! 

So here I am at night trying to re-cap another exciting day – my 5th day of work there and all of them I was sick!  First there was the annoying little cough, then the runny nose / watery eyes, more than annoying cough, and today – after almost throwing up at 5am – I went to the office with a very runny nose, going between chills and being hot, and with a sore throat and wicked cough.  Now, at 8:30pm I am eying my bed, with a terrible headache, a cold cup of tea and a pile of paperwork to sort through. 

This cold began with UrbanMummy – probably from being the kids taxi for a week – then she gave it to the kids.  All three of them gave it to me, and now, the kids nanny.  So how odd is it that UrbanMummy is the healthy one today who sent the nanny back to her bed to sleep for most of the day so she could go back to Mom’s taxi, while I dragged my dying carcass into the office.

All that being said… We had an interesting weekend this past weekend with 2 little boys who are not eating that well, but have been sleeping more than expected.  Well, maybe not sleeping but napping for sure.  Stewie, for example is good for a 2 hour nap if tired, but Linus, who according to UM “doesn’t nap”, napped for almost 2 hours a day over the weekend and still had a good nights’ sleep each night.  Of course, he was horrible during the day – not eating, throwing his toys and antagonizing his brother.  He went to bed last night and tonight without any toys in his room because he was throwing them and hitting his mother.  

Any suggestions to keep him from hitting?

Stewie – having his own issues – spent time in his crib having a “I’m almost 2-years old” meltdown, which UM videotaped.  It was funny.  He was in control but out of control.  He was more upset about her videotaping him and was caught on tape yelling, “NO PICTURES”.  Priceless. 

It’s been fun.


And on a great note; I am going to shamelessly plug Urban Mummy’s jewelry store.  Her Etsy store.  Her URL is  She made it all herself… All of it.

The secret’s out…

I’m here.  Not over there.  For now, this is where I need to be so that I can write what I really want to and not feel censored.  I really wanted to talk the last month about my sudden departure from my employer of over 10 years and my new beginning doing something I have been longing to do for years – and no, I’m not pitching for the Toronto Blue Jays.  I am the Tax Manager for a company in the private sector, instead of working downtown, I’m stuck up in the boonies way north of the city, but I’ve been there for a week and have SO much to learn. 

You see, I have been told by my old employer for years that I could not manage.  I was too new, too old, too white, too unqualified, too tall, too smart, too dumb, I got everything, except for that opportunity.  So I went out and worked really have to get my MBA and threw that back in the face of management and again got nothing but it gave me an opportunity to speak to all my managers and my director about my dilemma – couldn’t get a meeting with the assistant directors, surprise, surprise – and was overjoyed to hear him tell me that I need to look in the private sector.  Little did they know that over a 6-month period I had been sending out over 400 resumes.  I liked when he suggested that I accept a demotion to go to the audit department – uhhh, yeah, sure.  I asked for a transfer but suddenly they stalled.  Fuckers!  

 So boy was I surprised when I was called by a HR rep on a Thursday for a position that I had never applied for in a company that I had never heard of.  I took the rest of the day off and never went back.

One week turned into 2, 3 then 4.  I had accepted the job and was asking for leave.  If anyone wanted to be a shithead – and why would I not think anyone would not – they could alert management and my leave would be denied and I would be forced to resign.  Not that big a deal, but a lot of work.  Thus far I love my new job, new responsibilities and challenging work.  Everyday is a new day.   It’s good.  Very good.

So I thought I should stop posting on my blogger site where some of my colleagues lurk and use that information to gossip about me to their loser friends and start anew here, where I can be free to talk about whatever I want.  If you are here it is because of a random choice or because I invited you here.  Thank you.  No need to comment.  Read.  Enjoy.

I did it!

I finally managed to break the hour mark tonight from my run. I really need to find a way to keep all that sweat out of my eyes and off my face.

Now, if I could only stop eating so much and finally start losing some weight… It’s getting so bad that my children’s caregiver told her friend that I was “fat” because I “never stop eating”… Nice!