What exactly is the protocol?

I just don’t know.

When someone posts a comment on your blog are you supposed to email them a reply? Reply to them in the comment section? Or ignore it because, damnit, it’s your blog? Or… Are you supposed to then run over to their blog and post a comment?

I have no idea.

I appreciate when people comment, I try to read their blogs and return the favour, but I rarely, if ever email someone a reply because in most cases, their email address is something like “no-reply@blogger.com”.

I need your help…

What is the protocol???


3 thoughts on “What exactly is the protocol?

  1. Laural Dawn August 30, 2008 / 2:16 am

    I think it depends on what the comment is.
    i like to reply back on blogs or reply by e-mail.
    But I don’t have five million commenters so I have the time to do that.


  2. Lara August 28, 2008 / 2:22 pm

    Some other blogging platforms ask for your email address and I find those are the bloggers who respond in email. It takes more work to find the email address in blogger, if people even have it listed. So… I don’t tend to reply except occasionally in the comments. And I check back the comments of a post if I can tell it’s going to bring about a lot of interesting conversation or if I said something I’m wondering if people will respond to 😉


  3. ourlittlefunnybunny August 28, 2008 / 2:25 am

    Hehee..i feel the same…i used to respond to comments in my own comment box but then i never thought people would come back and re read their own comments…now if someone leaves me a comment that seems a bit open ended i will respond back…

    i don’t mind though when people don’t respond to my comments…

    Feel free NOT to respond to this one lol


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