Tonight… I ran…

… 40 minutes. I really need to start keeping track and running on a regular basis. My 5K run is right around the corner. I noticed on Facebook that a “friend” of mine just rant something like 16K. 16K!!! Geez!!! As if. I get bored driving 16K let alone trying to run that far. But I sure as hell hope that my route is over 5K because boy would I be surprised to find out that all this running is only, say, 3K. That would suck – especially at the Toronto Marathon when I run out of gas after 3K and all these other people are racing by me.

Some thoughts:

Why exactly are fortune cookies, kosher?!?
Does it not seem a little odd that most of us order Chinese food for items that have pork in them, and anyone who is ordering pork really doesn’t care if the fortune cookies are kosher. I don’t get it! Do you?

119 people drove 50K over the limit on Friday and had their cars seized by the Ontario Provincial Police… why? Are people that stupid, or in that much of a hurry? 50K over? If you really want to speed, try 45 over. Idiots.

This is the question my son asked me as him and I cut some of my neighbour’s tree which hangs into our yard; “Why does your tummy hang over your denim shorts, Daddy?” Hmmm. So off the cuff, I told him that when I was his age, I ate bad food like cookies and cake and lots of processed foods and didn’t exercise. Nice, eh? He thought about it, then lifted his shirt and said, “Daddy, if you eat vegetables and fruit like I do, you will be like me”. I think he gets it. Nice. I remember being skinny… When I was in grade 4.

So now that labour day has come and is almost gone, I can finally look forward to a few items;
– Baseball playoffs – no Jays 😦
– Hockey season – Leafs suck. YAY.
– New TV schedule
– Getting to know the kids school and extra-curricular schedule
– A new schedule for me to create to get me more sleep, be more productive and be able to be productive during the day.
– Next month Stewie is going to be 2. Already.

Last, but not least, comes from yet another rapper who would rather make up a name to use, than use the one he was born with… This guy is called P.Diddy, or P. Daddy, or Puff Daddy, or Puff the Magic… Ah, you get the point. Turns out this guys ask “Saudi Arabia” (nice reporting, eh? He asked the whole fucking country, lol) Anyways, he asked the Saudi’s for free gas – why?!? Because it’s getting too expensive to run his private jet. GAG. Here I thought it was for the poor, or to reduce gas prices world-wide, but nope. For his own needs. Dude… Lose the jet!



Every now and then I think about me, the kind of person I have become compared to the person I want to be and that bums me out. I really feel like I have accomplished very little and as I get older, it becomes clearer. Yes, I am married to a wonderful woman and we have 2 awesome kids, but I assumed life would include that for me, but there was always more.

Today, I had the pleasure of being interviewed for a former neighbour’s Master’s thesis on community involvement in the planning process and I was picked because she found that most of the politically active residents at the local level were quite old, and it was slim pickings at my age.

It was during this almost 2 hour long interview when I realized that for as little as I thought I have done politically, I have actually done quite a bit. That led me to thinking about my interests and accomplishments and I realized that I have achieved some things that I had quite frankly put behind me while searching for something else.

So here is a mini-bio about me;

Male 37yrs old
Married 2 kids, almost 4 and almost 2.
Runs – registered for the 5K @ The Toronto Marathon
Plays baseball and ball hockey
Reads – When not textbooks, I like Dan Brown
Runs a promotional business and/or consulting biz, when people come to me
Have a MBA – which I started when my first son was born and completed three years later
Like municipal politics – started a residents organization and have been involved in local events like the community clean-up and development related discussions
I write – obviously – like this blog
I have been working on a reality show concept, a sit-com (Canadian style) and a book.
I like to bake, and would LOVE to take a cooking class, get my motorcycle license and I can drive standard (Thanks UM).

So maybe I need to finish some of these open ends, but at the end of the day, I’m beat. I jump into bed, hoping not to be waken up by one of the kids, ready to begin a new day with a bang. I think if I could get into better shape that would make me feel better physically, and if I could find something to do that was challenging
for me mentally, I could enjoy life and redce my stress to take care of myself emotionally, but then again, what would I have to complain about then???

Tonight, for example, I ran. 30 minutes. Felt good. Now I’m ready for bed as we have a crazy busy weekend – Centreville, the Zoo and a BBQ with the in-laws. But, hey… I’m still on vacation. 🙂

Nite all.

What exactly is the protocol?

I just don’t know.

When someone posts a comment on your blog are you supposed to email them a reply? Reply to them in the comment section? Or ignore it because, damnit, it’s your blog? Or… Are you supposed to then run over to their blog and post a comment?

I have no idea.

I appreciate when people comment, I try to read their blogs and return the favour, but I rarely, if ever email someone a reply because in most cases, their email address is something like “”.

I need your help…

What is the protocol???


So you are Air Canada Jazz and you need to find yet another way to save money. You’ve taken away food, charged extra for baggage, and added a fuel-surcharge… So what next? Some wise-guy decided to save fuel, they need to make the planes lighter and to do that all they need to do is remove the life jackets. Yup. It’s not like your going to survive anyways, right? Yikes, Yikes, Yikes!

I’m on vacation and I’m tired and getting fat… What should I do? Exercise more? Nawwwww. I took off my sideburns that I’ve had for 8 or 9 years, in order to make my face look thinner. Didn’t work. I have sideburn tan. Looks silly… and my face looks fatter.

Maple Leafs Foods has been found to be the producer of food with the deadly Listeriosis virus – and Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment has been found to be the producer of a terrible hockey team… Hmmm. Coincidence? I think not.

Stewie got a letter from the tax department this morning – in the US. He’s 22 months old. I’m thinking of calling them and letting then send up an auditor to count the money in his piggy (turtle) bank.

I’m also thinking about scheduling. My kids are uber-scheduled, and my wife loves to keep calendars in the kitchen for the family and her own, and my own, and we try to make sure they are properly updated. But what about for us, the adults? One big relationship concern for me – and maybe for you – is trying to find time to spend with your spouse / partner, to actually do something. So I think I have come up with a solution… Every Thursday night from after kiddy bedtime, to about 10-10:30 will be out of the house time. Every Thursday we are going to go out for coffee/tea/a drink/walk either by ourselves or with our friends just to get out and have some adult time.

Any takers for week one? 🙂

Things overheard on a Monday…

For those of you who are seeing this post, and posts like this, for the first time, I need to explain…

In a prior work environment, and I have worked in a few places over my life, I encountered a couple men who began their work day at the exact same time as me – 7:30am.  So while I was gearing up for a busy week, they would chat about their weekends, and some current events.

It wasn’t until about a year into this work assignment when I actually decided to listen to their conversations and found that by only listening to bits and pieces, you only get part of what they are actually talking about. 

One morning I copied down their conversations and looked at it later that week.  What I saw made me laugh and I posted it… Instant hit.

So without these two gents, these posts would never have happened.

Thanks guys!

So please read on to what they talked about this Monday (my comments are in brackets)…

“I bought bran flakes. They good? Lost 5 pounds this week”.

“I went through the pantry and threw out 6 items this weekend. Not healthy. Wife bought ‘em and tucked ‘em away nicely, but I found ‘em and threw them away.”
(Wont she be thrilled, eh?)

“We are way behind on the nutrition list…”
(… and maybe on the evolutionary chain too)

“I’m starting to make meals that are interesting…”
(Because before today, everything he was was boring?!?)

“They are claiming that leeches are safe to swim… in Lake Ontario…”
(Safe for the leeches, or safe for us?)

“They don’t want them to appear a toxic dump.”
(I just write then, I don’t say them. Who are “they”? What do they not want to appear as a toxic dump? I suspect they were referring to Lake Ontario)

“I’m thinking of making vegetarian spaghetti.”
(Maybe that is what he is calling more interesting?!? Veggie spaghetti… WOW. What a novel concept.)

“It gets harder as you get older- nutrition – yeah, the brain gets slower…”
(Uh huh. Nuff said)

“I need to get me some of that stuff… The stuff that makes you healthy… You can never get enough of it.  Do you know where I can buy me some?”

(Oh yeah… That stuff…)

“I’m thinking I need to cycle into work more often.  Gives me lots of exercise and I need exercise… Do I smell?  Can you smell me from there?  Maybe so I don’t smell, I’ll just cycle in the winter”.

(Try a sleigh)

“So the boss man wants me to clean off my desk… Say’s it’s a fire hazard…  I told him to get me more filing space…  If he don’t I’m gonna teach him a lesson and file a grievance against him.  These kids need to be educated every now and then.

So that was this Monday’s conversation.  Please feel free to perform a search for others.