Looking forward to the weekend… really I am.

I already feel like I have had a great weekend and it is only 7:30am Saturday morning.

You see, in order to get over my summer cold in the quickest manner, I have been going to sleep between 10-11pm every night. This is early. That way, when Stewie wakes up wailing, I can get up and mostly function. Today, for example, when his stubbornness awoke at 5:30am and would not go to back to sleep in “Mummy’s bed” (Hey, you little mutant, I sleep there too!) I plopped him into the stroller and out we went for a walk. Sure we got drizzled on a little and yes, I prayed there would be no one that I knew because my morning breath is enough to kill at 15 feet.

We walked up Avenue Road looking at the closed and empty stores, finally stopping in the Tim Horton’s to wow the staff with his generosity as he dumped my change into the charity box, and his waving goodbye while saying “Thank You”. We stopped into the bagel place I swore I would never go back into – just like Haley, eh? lol – and picked up 6 bagels for the boys.

We came home to Linus waiting for us, now wanting his walk, which I think we are now going on at 5 to 8. UM looks like she needs more sleep. I agree. We are all much happier when she gets more sleep. .

I think I realized this morning that today was one of the first times that I can remember going for a walk with just Stewie in the stroller. At one point he looked back at me and asked me, “Linus sleeping?” I said, “yes, Linus sleeping”. He looked puzzled, then asked, “Mummy sleeping?”. I said yes. He turned, smiled and sat back in the stroller. It was neat. My little boy is growing up.

Now only if I could get him to stop biting…


One thought on “Looking forward to the weekend… really I am.

  1. Some kind of Wondermom July 27, 2008 / 1:10 am

    Joel’s been biting too. No idea what to do about that. I’ve told him it hurts mommy (and daddy too) so his new thing is to bite and then afterward say ‘hurting’. Nice.

    I’m impressed you actually got up and out of the house for a walk at that hour!! I guess it helps when you have a Tims in the neighborhood. Grrrr suburbs.


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