I stand corrected…

Turns out this head cold is scrambling my brain. I was informed today by a colleague / friend that in fact it wasn’t Gabriella that showed me how to embed links into my blog but rather it was this colleague / friend, a fellow blogger whose blog I cannot divulge because she wants it to be kept a secret. I figured that since Garbiella denied being the source, I will acknowledge that I had the wrong person… Until I got home and my wife said that it was her who told me how to do it days earlier… I’m so confused. I blame that on the cold. I give ALL of you credit. Any other tips and techniques I need to know about?!?

Clear as mud?!?

Thought so.

Today at lunch I saw “death wish”, but not the Charles Bronson version, but rather, a teenager cycling down Yonge street, no helmet, headphones on and his kick-stand still on. As soon as that dude leans too far to the left… gonzo. Too bad I had to come into the office and couldn’t stay for the show.

Looks like the 2nd week in August we are taking a trip up north to stay at a family resort. They look to have a very good children’s program. I’m already looking forward to that and… that the week after, taking time off to run around the city alone… just me and my wife. Doing adult things. Of the events I am looking at, I figure the CNE we’ll do as a family – with the nanny, and maybe we’ll hang out with some other families, but just getting out to play tourist should be a ton of fun and I am already looking forward to that. Fellow Toronto bloggers… Any recommendations? So far I would like to go to the distillery district and kensington market, but there must be so many more sites that would impress my hun.

I just sneezed. UM said “Bless you”. If Stewie was here and I sneezed, he would say, “Bless you, Daddy”. Cute, eh? If I cough, however, Stewie says, “Thank you, Daddy”. How friggin cute!


2 thoughts on “I stand corrected…

  1. Erin July 25, 2008 / 8:13 pm

    I’ve been to Toronto exactly once since I became an “adult” and we went to see Mamma Mia and then to the CN Tower. I loved the CN Tower, but that’s kind of a given, that you’ll go there when you’re in Toronto.

    So, basically, I’m no help. Stupid American, that’s me. 🙂


  2. Mamalooper July 25, 2008 / 12:24 pm

    So where did you decide to end up going?

    And do you want “with kid” or “without kid” Toronto recommendations?


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