Looking forward to the weekend… really I am.

I already feel like I have had a great weekend and it is only 7:30am Saturday morning. You see, in order to get over my summer cold in the quickest manner, I have been going to sleep between 10-11pm every night. This is early. That way, when Stewie wakes up wailing, I can get up […]

I stand corrected…

Turns out this head cold is scrambling my brain. I was informed today by a colleague / friend that in fact it wasn’t Gabriella that showed me how to embed links into my blog but rather it was this colleague / friend, a fellow blogger whose blog I cannot divulge because she wants it to […]

Loads of new blogs to read

As a result of meeting some cool new bloggers at my very brief stay at BFF, I have totally re-vamped my blog roll to reflect some new bloggers that I intend on checking out on a more regular basis. I think I pilfered them from Gabriella’s blog, actually. LOL. She did, after all, help me […]

Well, she’s gone… and we are back…

… Actually she is already there in warm beautiful Niagara Falls doing whatever you guys are doing there. Three people have already called for her, most surprised to find out that she is there and I am here… with the kids. I know deep down she was concerned about leaving Stewie for the night without […]