Stewie’s first haircut…

On Saturday we took Stewie for his first haircut at the ripe young age of 21 months and boy does he look cute! We had Linus’ hair cut quite short and together my boys have hair more like me. LOL. Minus the bald spot, of course.

    Here is what I did after enjoying a very hot, sweaty 30 minute run on Saturday night…

    I managed to find the edge of our bed with my baby toe. As I lay on the floor saying something close to “ouch” – not wanting to yell because the kids were sleeping – my lovely and caring wife lay on the bed watching TV, snickering, trying to find out if we needed to go to the hospital. Once realizing that there was no blood, she immediately gave me probably the same amount of sympathy that I would give to my kids, or to her for that matter, when she told me to, “walk it off”. 🙂 Now the bruising is just coming out and I’m wondering if it is going to affect my running tonight… My thoughts are yes. I just wondered if it was going to get worse as the day went on. I think it did. Doesn’t really hurt that much, but I can’t bend it.

      Ever think about someone all day, then at the end of the day after you have passed up your chance to talk to them, wonder why exactly you were thinking of them all day?

      Planted a few more tomato plants in the garden today – already with tomatoes on them. They accompany the pumpkin, cucumber and asparagus that I planted a few days ago… More coming tomorrow for our garden and for the in laws.

      Either last night or this morning, UrbanMummy and I were watching the boys eating lunch when Stewie became annoyed at something. UM leaned over and brushed his newly cut hair, when he spun towards her, swatted with his arm and said, “Mummy, go way”. He he he.

      Picture this… You need to write a test to move up in your job and for some reason you wrote this test already for a different job and from that sitting you receive the following result, “You met the minimum requirement but your score was not high enough to be considered for this job”. So what do you get out of this? You met the minimum requirement… Meaning, you passed! Yay.

      But wait…

      The job you want asks you to write this test again and to pass it. But you have. At least that is what the letter you received says. So you ask both parties for a score. Neither one wants to give you one.

      You end up being told that the test was different and that your score really doesn’t matter. So you don’t write it, instead ask and receive a weeks grace, and then find out it is exactly the same test.


      But wait some more…

      So you go back to both parties and neither one seems to want to help you by either finding the minimum score or by caring that you wrote it already and passed it… So you still have to write it, and if you fail this time… No job… Even though you already wrote it and you already passed it…

      Nice, eh?

      Welcome to my world.

      I don’t like beer. Tonight I had a pilsner. Some German brew in a huge green can. I didn’t like it. Surprise. 🙂


      One thought on “Stewie’s first haircut…

      1. ourlittlefunnybunny June 30, 2008 / 8:09 pm

        Oh the incompetency. It doesn’t surprise me at all.


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