What’s wrong with people?

Have you ever wondered why people talk about you – say bad things about you – maybe in a work environment – possibly to people who either know you, or around others who will make sure it gets back to you?

Have you ever wondered when your work environment became high-school all over again? Possibly why you are so important that some people need to gossip about you in a setting in which they really should be paying attention to… I don’t know… work!

Have you ever questioned why people do and say completely inappropriate things to you – like hitting on you, knowing you are happily married – and when you comment back that it is inappropriate, they get their noses out of joint and trash you to anyone who will listen?

Ever wondered what kind of an environment fosters this kind of behaviour where you cannot even go to your team leader or manager because you know for 100% certainty that it will too get back to that person who will make your life even that much more difficult?

Welcome to working in the government!  I need some gossip-be-gone spray… LOTS of it!  One day all this crap is going to be behind me then come back and bite me in the ass.  I trust no-one.

What can you do?   Seriously…


3 thoughts on “What’s wrong with people?

  1. Urban Daddy June 17, 2008 / 10:40 pm

    Sweets – YES!

    Gabriella – I think you hit the nail on the head! Even those who claim to be your friends can turn on you in an instant. It’s expected in that environment.


  2. ourlittlefunnybunny June 11, 2008 / 2:54 am

    I always thought our work environment was much like kindergarten 😉


  3. sweets June 10, 2008 / 12:22 pm

    hmmm you work with a lot of woman don’t you? 🙂


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