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Randon thoughts…

Avenue Road between Wilson (York Mills) and Lawrence sucks! It has no character. Too many nail salons, dry cleaners and not enough family restaurants or destination shops. Geez, there is barely any fast food places on this strip – thank goodness – and it even hosts an army supply store… Odd indeed.

I recommend:

  • More family restaurants
  • Some nice places to sit outside during the summer to have a nice treat
  • Somewhere to eat breakfast or have an afternoon snack besides the bagel place(s)
  • A family friendly destination
  • More fun boutique-type stores
  • At least one nice adult hang-out like a jazz club where adults can go after the kids are in bed to have a drink and a little bite with other parents
  • How about a trendy movie theatre or mini-bowling alley. Nothing HUGE, just big enough for the locals.
  • Tim Horton’s! Not the one in the gas station that I can’t bring my stroller into, but a full fledged on with an automatic door.

Another thing I would like to see is a lightening of the restrictions and costs to have street parties over the summer. Not only is it a great way to meet your neighbours and get rid of unwanted stuff from your house, but on some of these side-streets, is it really necessary to get a permit (which the city covers in most cases) to block the street? Cars can take the next one.

We’d do one, but it takes so long to arrange and it costs too much. That is exactly why more organized communities have them!

Facebook allows you to “become a fan of…” so you can show your support for various things ranging from political leaders to TV shows, actors to music artists. Today, I saw the silliest one to date, and it had 128 fans…

Someone from my friend list became a fan of the moon. Yup. The fucking moon.

Uh huh.

Too much time on their hands, eh? LOL.

Wait… What does that say about me. Hmmmmm.

Stewie’s first haircut…

On Saturday we took Stewie for his first haircut at the ripe young age of 21 months and boy does he look cute! We had Linus’ hair cut quite short and together my boys have hair more like me. LOL. Minus the bald spot, of course.

    Here is what I did after enjoying a very hot, sweaty 30 minute run on Saturday night…

    I managed to find the edge of our bed with my baby toe. As I lay on the floor saying something close to “ouch” – not wanting to yell because the kids were sleeping – my lovely and caring wife lay on the bed watching TV, snickering, trying to find out if we needed to go to the hospital. Once realizing that there was no blood, she immediately gave me probably the same amount of sympathy that I would give to my kids, or to her for that matter, when she told me to, “walk it off”. :) Now the bruising is just coming out and I’m wondering if it is going to affect my running tonight… My thoughts are yes. I just wondered if it was going to get worse as the day went on. I think it did. Doesn’t really hurt that much, but I can’t bend it.

      Ever think about someone all day, then at the end of the day after you have passed up your chance to talk to them, wonder why exactly you were thinking of them all day?

      Planted a few more tomato plants in the garden today – already with tomatoes on them. They accompany the pumpkin, cucumber and asparagus that I planted a few days ago… More coming tomorrow for our garden and for the in laws.

      Either last night or this morning, UrbanMummy and I were watching the boys eating lunch when Stewie became annoyed at something. UM leaned over and brushed his newly cut hair, when he spun towards her, swatted with his arm and said, “Mummy, go way”. He he he.

      Picture this… You need to write a test to move up in your job and for some reason you wrote this test already for a different job and from that sitting you receive the following result, “You met the minimum requirement but your score was not high enough to be considered for this job”. So what do you get out of this? You met the minimum requirement… Meaning, you passed! Yay.

      But wait…

      The job you want asks you to write this test again and to pass it. But you have. At least that is what the letter you received says. So you ask both parties for a score. Neither one wants to give you one.

      You end up being told that the test was different and that your score really doesn’t matter. So you don’t write it, instead ask and receive a weeks grace, and then find out it is exactly the same test.


      But wait some more…

      So you go back to both parties and neither one seems to want to help you by either finding the minimum score or by caring that you wrote it already and passed it… So you still have to write it, and if you fail this time… No job… Even though you already wrote it and you already passed it…

      Nice, eh?

      Welcome to my world.

      I don’t like beer. Tonight I had a pilsner. Some German brew in a huge green can. I didn’t like it. Surprise. :)

      What I did today… by UrbanDaddy

      • Decided to register for Advanced Financial Accounting through my work if, and only if, they offer it in September. If it’s later, then I will have to register for it through Athabasca University
      • Decided that for UrbanMummy and my 7th wedding anniversary on July 1st that we should celebrate by spending time in a spa that week. I learned not to leave this to the last minute. I foresee a nice dinner for her and I too. Yum.
      • I decided that no matter how you say it – in jest or not – that the term “Jew” – used to describe someone of the Jewish religion is harsh.
      • I decided that just because someone doesn’t like you and decides to tell the whole world that they think you are an asshole, doesn’t mean you have to sit down with them to discuss why they feel this way. Fuck them! All of them!
      • I realized no matter how over-qualified I may feel I am, many people don’t see it that way, and that tells me that I need to look somewhere else.
      • I like to teach
      • I’m very happy that the Leafs got rid of Tucker, Raycroft, Wellwood and soon Sundin. Out with the old and in with the re-building group. Now I can watch games again and enjoy them.
      • I am tired… So very tired.
      • I need to get my ass off this computer and into my copy of Advanced Financial Accounting to give myself a big head start… I’ll need it.
      • I look forward to one day expanding my family
      • I’ve grown up a lot of the past decade… but I still have a LOT to go.
      • I realized that even though I bought 4 more tomato plants for the garden – pink, green, yellow and red ones, and I still have room for more.
      • I really need to get UrbanMummy her own credit card… one she wont lose this time.
      • I really need to read more blogs!

      and so the story goes…

      I ended my scrambled post from last night with a comment about the way Stewie was breathing, “like Darth Vader” I believe was the comparison I used. It was midnight and I was just finishing up my post and getting ready for bed. I heard him breathing heavy and wheezing – with the odd sneeze – and figured all he needed was to sneeze a big sneeze or cough up some phlegm… I went and got him from his crib, into our bed and I think I realized at that moment that he was pretty sick when UrbanMummy wondered aloud if we were going to have to take him to emergency because he had a bad version of the croup.

      Sure enough, after being up almost the entire night with him, and having him point to his very congested nose and say, “broken”, and squirm around like he was in pain, and listening to him gasp for breath, we jumped into action. By that I mean, UrbanMummy jumped onto the computer to diagnose her son.

      “Croup”, she declared. Here are the symptoms and here is what we do to get him better. If he doesn’t improved even slightly tonight, we’ll have to take him to the emergency room.

      With that, he fell asleep. And we got 2 hours sleep (ish).

      Morning came and he was still having trouble breathing so we called the doctor and off I dragged my ass into the office. Once at work I realized my manager was away so I was trying to sort out team issues, deal with walk-in clients and assist the summer students with their queries when my phone rang and it was the number of the doctor’s office. I answered, and it was UM asking me if I could meet them in the emergency room as she was taking Stewie there ASAP. I closed up my desk, alerted another manager and hopped on the subway to the hospital. Once there, we were led in almost immediately and within 3 hours, Stewie had received steroids and a mask to help him breathe. He was asleep but not happy. We were sent home and just got him to bed before 8pm even though he slept so little last night or today, he was (literally) running on adrenalin.

      UM is coughing and is exhausted.

      I’m beat…

      Weekend update

      Thursday was Linus’ last day of pre-school – his graduation, and he was terrible! This kid is over-tired and I had to take him to the car for 15 minutes so he wouldn’t be the only kid laying on the grass wailing. I don’t know how to get him to sleep longer in the morning. He gets up at 6-6:30 and runs happily into our room, clearly as happy to see us as we are to see him (early wake up and all). I just wish he’d sleep past 7 again so that he would be normal during the day and our nanny wouldn’t think he’s the second coming of satan. Suggestions anyone? We bought blackout shades for the main window of his room.

      Words a daddy NEVER again wants to hear from his 3 1/2 year old boy;

      Daddyyyyyy… ugh, gag, yuck, uck…”

      “Yes Linus”

      “I got pee in my mouth…”

      nuff said.

      This was a few minutes before he had to go to a birthday party with Urban Mummy. He was peeing at the side of the toilet and managed to pee all over the wall, the floor and into the garbage can. Some pee on the seat, some on his hand, shirt and yes… Some in his mouth. I didn’t ask. I don’t want to know. I told him that we never do this again… unless he’s older and its a fetish… you never know!

      This same boy that doesn’t sleep well anymore is also – coincidentally or not – the same boy that doesn’t eat anymore either. For a kid that doesn’t eat junk food, his weekend take of cake, ice cream, cookies, marshmallows and juice was as surprising as the fact that he didn’t eat anything else all weekend without a fight. It’s almost like he was waiting for the junk food… I don’t like that!!!

      Speaking of weekend… Our weekend was super-busy for the 4 of us and we had a pleasant surprise. We had 2 birthday parties in which UrbanMummy took Linus and they had a wonderful time, and Stewie and I hung out and enjoyed our father-son time together. UM and I had a volunteer event to attend and instead of UM, I took Linus and we both had a ton of fun. Linus and I also bought some more veggies for the garden – asparagus, pumpkin, sweet 1000 tomatoes and cucumbers – we bought a fixture for the garage and 3 20Kg bags of sand for the boys’ sandbox. We gardened, played and cleaned… busy and fun.

      Definite highlight of this weekend was the wonderful solstice party that we attended on Saturday at the secret home of one Mamalooper (see blogroll). The guests were all really nice, there was a ton of things for the kids to do, and there was a ton of really healthy, yummy food. I, for one, had wonderful chats with some really nice people and although meeting them for the first time, felt very at home. Mr and Mrs Mamalooper put on quite a spread and did not miss a detail. Man did we have fun! Did I mention the tie dye station, the tons of bubble solution or the tray of fresh veggies at which Stewie sat in front of eating as many mini tomatoes as he could stuff in his little face. I’m still getting the driveway paint out of their clothes, so it must have been good for them too…

      Now I must attend to a child who is coughing and wheezing and sounds like Darth Vader… Nite all.


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