Time to re-focus…

It’s time! Time to re-focus. Time to act, no more just talking! It’s time for the 3-F’s to take a more prominent role in my life… Focus, Fitness and Family Fun! (Hmmm, that might make it 4 F’s… fuck!) I write this post having just gotten out of the shower after the longest (time-wise and I’m sure distance too) run of my life! I ran for 50 minutes and was not once out of breathe, or out of gas. I was just out of time (I wanted to spend time with UrbanMummy before bed) and out of water! I decided last month that I needed a goal in order to drop the 30 pounds of baby weight I gained with Linus (UM is such a great cook too!) so I set my sights on the Toronto Marathon, October 17th. Originally I wanted to attempt the 5K but I can do that now after a month of running, so I am looking at the 10K with an eye on the half marathon (26K). I have a work colleague who offered to run with me in a few 5K’s in order to gain experience. It’s all so very exciting considering where I came from – former fatty – herniated disk in my lower back… I feel good!

For focus, I realized I need to spend less time during the day on things that are not productive for me like coffee breaks and chatting with colleagues. I need to take care of tasks, to help me develop to where I feel I should be. Besides being trapped in a position where I have never been given a chance to use my MBA skills, I managed to get myself screened into 3 competitions (the government’s way of promoting people), one in HR, one as a manager, and one as a senior manager. I still have hopes of getting into one in Finance and Admin. These jobs require skills and I need to focus on developing my competencies because no one else is going to!

I want to have fun with my family and to do that means getting out with UM! I need that. Now. I’ll probably wait until after our family trip to NY/NJ at the end of the month, but I think it would help my sanity!

Well off to more stretching and hopefully book and bed!

G’nite all.

3 thoughts on “Time to re-focus…

  1. Mac and Cheese says:

    Good for you on all of it, but especially the running. Too painful for me.

  2. ourlittlefunnybunny says:

    wow running….that’s great…and here I am trying to focus more on coffee breaks and less on work ;)

  3. Laural Dawn says:

    I’m doing the same thing – trying to get into shape and run again.
    A 5k is still really hard for me, but I was debating the same race. Maybe I’ll see ya there?

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