Where is the router?

Where is that stupid router? The new one I need to be able to use my lap top in order to read my email, my blogs, not to mention update my blog… Oh, we don’t have one yet. Right. Well, I’ll continue to squeeze in my time wasters, like briefly reading emails, playing that stupid […]

Time to re-focus…

It’s time! Time to re-focus. Time to act, no more just talking! It’s time for the 3-F’s to take a more prominent role in my life… Focus, Fitness and Family Fun! (Hmmm, that might actually be 4-F’s (family fun has 2-F’s…) You see I’m writing this post having just gotten out of the shower after the […]

Tuesday Newsday (an urbandaddy original)

The news of the day according to Urban Daddy… Swirsky leaving Toronto to take job with Bulls.It was a family matter, Chuck Swirsky said of his decision to suddenly resign this week as the Toronto Raptors’ television voice to accept a job in Chicago calling Bulls games for WGN Radio.Damn! That really sucks for fans […]