Changes are in the air…

I feel left out.

I had my list of blogs to read in my very little spare time from years ago when I started this thing and over time I have only added bloggers kind enough to leave comments on mine as a show of respect… But now, after attending 2 blogger meet and greets (I refuse to call them blogger girls nite outs), I have decided to totally revamp my blogroll to include many of the new blogs I have started reading and actually commenting on, and a great deal of them are from the very talented bloggers I have met over the past 6 weeks. I found a great reference list from Our Little Funny Bunny, whom I relied on to help me put blog names and faces to real names and places at the Panorama and I have vowed the next blogging event to make sure I am within a seat or 2 of Gabriella to help me ID the person I intend on speaking to. Gabriella, you rock!

So look for these changes soon.

I’m still trying to find a niche here at UrbanDaddy. Tried the Daddy talk, the sports talk, the random stuff, the business stuff, the Tuesday Newsday concept and the Thursday Thirteen but cannot find that great format to get me to post more regularly. Maybe I’ll have to stage something, or post pictures… Who knows.

I will try to return to a Tuesday Newsday for today – I am off work today – allergies have killed me over the past 4 days. UGH.

P.S. To former Jays DH Frank Thomas… It was not about the $10 million dollars you would be owed next year. You were released because your batting average sucked and you can’t play any other position. You should be thankful the Jays extended your career and gave you all that money. You should be embarrassed for your output not trashing the team for not wanting to be on the hook for your option. Go steal money from another team… please.


One thought on “Changes are in the air…

  1. Laural Dawn May 3, 2008 / 8:37 pm

    want to know something funny? I forgot the name of my blog and thought you’d kicked me off your links 🙂
    And then I realized I hadn’t commented in awhile (I lost my bookmarks) and then there I was.
    It’s quite funny in my sleep-deprived head!


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