Yeah, thanks for the help… I think. Next time I’ll feed the cat!

A sign as a parent that the weekend is stressful is whn you start looking forward to going back to the office on Monday… and it’s only Saturday!

The irony is that 10 times out of 10, I’d rather be home with my family.

Work politics suck! This is going to be a very rough week for me. I know it. It will define my future are my current employer (or lack thereof), but since I make it a policy not to talk about work in this vehicle, let’s leave that alone for the time being.

Sunday. Today. 6am. Crying. Not over the monitor because I turned it off for Earth Day – and all the lights in the house (even unplugged a ton of stuff) leaving my mother to eat and read by candlelight while UrbanMummy and I went out for dinner with the baby group. Oy. Offtrack again. Crying. Yes. Calling for Mummy. So I went and fetched the little boy and brought him to the room. Very wet. Changed his diaper, UM breastfed him and we both thought we could score another hour of sleep before Linus woke up.


Stewie talked, sat up, wanted water, to eat, his blankie… all that jazz. So I took him to the kitchen and he ate, and ate, and drank, and ate. 7am downstairs waltzes Linus, and he sits down to eat too. During this time I am getting food for them and Stewie is done so I let him down, Linus needs to pee. I take him to the washroom and while deciding if he has to pee or poo, I hear what sounds like a kitchen cabinet lock being shut and cereal pouring into a glass bowl… Odd… We finish up in the bathroom and upon walking into the kitchen I step on something that crunches. Then more. Then I look up and see Stewie chasing the cat with a scoop of her food, then dumping it in front of her, saying “Feed Lucie”. She eats some. He rushes back, scoops up another and dumps it near her while uttering the same phrase.

The entire floor is full of cat food and the cat is trying to eat as much as possible.

I demand he clean it up. He sits down and starts putting it into the bowl. Then while I’m getting the food off the carpet under the table, I hear another noise… He went and got the broom and is sweeping the cat food towards me. Then his brother took over and within minutes was pushing to broom in little Stewie’s face… Tears!

Thank for the help, boys! I think…

I can’t wait to see how Linus’ preschool swim class will go – swimming on his own, as he has been telling us for 2 weeks that he does not want to go to camp this summer because he does not want to swim. He even said he did not want to take swimming lessons… Should be a dandy!


Swimming was fine. 3 parks and rec. instructors and 6 kids. For everything they wanted Linus to do, he shook his head, no, then did it, in most cases quite well. That’s my boy! Already suffering from a lack of internal motivation! No confidence!!!

Help me!


2 thoughts on “Yeah, thanks for the help… I think. Next time I’ll feed the cat!

  1. Denguy March 31, 2008 / 10:52 pm

    Ah, another fine morning with little kids.


  2. Holly March 31, 2008 / 3:23 am

    sorry, but all I can do is giggle. and no doubt saying I’ve been there won’t help matters either huh?


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