Just some weekend stuff…

So now when my older boy smacks the younger, the younger makes a face and pinches the older boy with a look of anger on his face, then he smiles and goes on with his business… This is going to be a problem. The older boy usually whine/cries and I come to his rescue. Oy. I can see us having to pull them off of each other within a year. And to think we kept telling the older boy not to hit/kick/bite his little brother because when he gets bigger… Well that time has come. sigh.

Why doesn’t the Food Network show cooking classes early in the morning on the weekends? Why do they show infomercials. There are people up very early every day of the week that like to watch cooking shows!!!

How come every time Urban Mummy cleans up “clutter” that clutter is my stuff? What’s wrong with hockey drill books I have not used in 15 years? That stuff never changes? Or a book on pitching? If my folks had realized I wanted to pitch – besides the hours I would spend per night pitching to a box I drew on the back of the garage, I would probably still be in the major leagues making $10 million per season. Hmmm. And Star Wars books? Old copies of the Income Tax Act and books on how to craft political research from 1980? Come on… That stuff is gold! Not like yucky physics and chemistry books. 🙂

What about dating? Are there enough dating shows on TV or the net these days? I mean good ones, not like the 3rd wheel or blind date. Real ones. What about ones from the perspective of the male species? Not really sure. What do you think?

… and the Giants are going to be playing the undefeated New England Patriots in, like 2 weeks in the Super Bore. Yawn. My father-in-law wants me to care but I don’t. I just want to be invited to the Super Bore party… Now THAT is fun. 🙂

Did I mention it is cold outside… like really cold?!?

Gotta run and clean the house before the nanny comes home, because you know, she should never see that this house is chaos when she is away on the weekends…


One thought on “Just some weekend stuff…

  1. Anonymous January 24, 2008 / 1:22 am

    AWWW…….Poor San Diego, yeah I could see why you would find it a super bore…..Oh well atleast one of the MANNING’S made it in!!!


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