The end is near…

I have 9 days left of school and I have never been busier… As a result, this post will be brief, as will any other post up to December 7th (my last day of class).

We spent 5 days in NY/NJ with family for thanksgiving and for an unveiling. Love spending time with my wife’s family there. Most of them are super-nice and two of the kids, in particular, are total wankers. (They post provocative pictures on facebook then complain that their Dad found out and the got in trouble… Basically, we ate, shopped, ate, shopped and played. Black Friday provided us with some great deals. Both the boys and UrbanMummy were sick (Happy Boy threw up) and I’m sure if I was not getting up at 4am to take the Baby to the lobby so as to not wake anyone up, I would have got sick too. I just had no time for it,

One interesting note from the trip – besides how well we got along with UM’s parents who drove there (we flew) and stayed in the same hotel as us. UM’s Dad quit smoking (thank gawd) and they have decided to stop smoking in their house so we can bring the kids over (yay!!!). But the interesting part occurred Saturday morning when the Happy Boy, burning up with a fever, wolfed down a bowl of dry cheerios and the threw them up in the lobby at the breakfast table. You see, his grandma cupped her hands and caught all the cheerio vomit before it landed on his blankie (thank gawd). This is the same woman whose 8 year old niece threw up about 5 thanksgivings ago, and she had to leave the room because it she couldn’t handle bodily functions like that… Guess she could after all because it his her grandson.

He walks… Sort of. The Weed took his first steps (that UM saw) today. I saw him take bout 7 steps to his mummy… Cutie! Heavy little cutie. es wet grass… hard to light.

I like 4 on 4 hockey better than the shootout. Extend overtime!

The baby also got a tooth while we were away… About time! He has 4 up top, 2 on the bottom and they came months ago… We thought for a moment that he was going to have 6 teeth for the rest of his life. Whew.

Ricky Williams – a NFL football player suspended for all of last season for drug use, played for our Toronto Argonauts instead in the CFL. He got paid a lot of money and, well, he sucked. He didn’t re-sign but instead tried to get back with his NFL club, the Miami Dolphins to pay back some of the money he owes them that they gave him in incentives and signing bonuses. Anyways, the Dolphins didn’t want him on the team this year, apparently couldn’t use him even though they were 0-10 at the time. But this past Monday night Mr. Williams got his chance to play and well, was a bust. 5 carries for negligible yards, and he fumbled the ball and was stepped on by the opponent and is… Out for the season. One sportscaster had the following comment about Ricky getting injured last night on the very wet grass. He said, “Ricky hates wet grass… Too hard to light”. Funny, eh?

I thought it was. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The end is near…

  1. Laural Dawn November 30, 2007 / 2:50 pm

    What is an unveiling?


  2. Naomi (Urban Mummy) November 28, 2007 / 3:53 pm

    5 teeth on top now. He got a molar, after having his four middle ones.

    It’s surprising, though, since he only has 2 bottom teeth, and the next 2 are showing no signs of emergence at all!


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