The Urban Daddy’s thoughts for a bizarre Monday: Parenting, Being a Partner and Life

Please excuse the verbal compost help below.  I’ve had a ton of things floating around in my mind and instead of trying to put each into a post of their own, it’s easier for me to just dump it all into one giant post and hope that it makes sense.  If not, there are many more posts to read, you should probably just move on.

Randomness on a Monday in November, 2007.

We have panted 2 houses now, and the colours we have used are fun, bright and certainly not for everyone which is probably why people who come to our house for the first time comment on the colours.  Green in the living room, bright yellow in the bedroom and firetruck red in the basement are a few colours you will have found in our house.  I’m not sure I ever understood the purpose of painting your house for the “resale” value rather than for the love of a colour.  I mean seriously… How many kids grow up loving the colour taupe… Is taupe even a colour? Or is taupe the default colour that people paint their houses knowing full well that the new buyers are going to re-paint it anyways cause it’s so ugly… Hmmm. It’s a taupe conspiracy…

Digital signage.  I’m still mulling that one over.  At one point in the very near future they will be everywhere and the novelty will have worn off.  But now, the market is relatively free and opportunities are knocking.  In addition, it’s tough to get rich with a 9 to 5 gig.

The MBA countdown is on for me.  I’m now 3 weeks until graduation which means 3-weeks until I can leverage that degree to either move up to more senior / challenging positions at the government, or it will take me out to greener pastures.  I’m so excited!

Mazel Tov Dr. Andy and family… Bye bye to any semblance of life as you knew it.  You’re very brave!  My hero.

I’m new to technology.  Really.  So I’m sure you can imagine the choice words my wife had for me after she spent all day trying to reach me via the blackberry I had attached to your waist all day, but was on “silent”… Hello couch… Hello lesson learned.

What was the word, almost 3yo Linus used on me today??? Oh yeah, “Slammed”.  I had to back up in the kitchen and to avoid stepping on a cat which meant I suddenly needed to take a two-step and in doing to bounced my back off the kitchen cabinet.  Linus, turned to his mummy and said, “Lucie (cat) just slammed Daddy off the kitchen cabinet.”

Slammed. I love it.

This week, Linus also drew his first letter “A” by himself and he taught us that when he uses the word “Lasterday”, he means any day before today.

Since we have 2 children now, I should post something about 1-year-old Stewie.  I do know that children are not supposed to stand in the bath – I never leave them along for a second – but I let Stewie stand in the bathtub, on his own for 15 seconds… Owwwww. I’d love to think that walking is coming, but Linus didn’t star walking until he was 15-months old (but his language was incredible) so I can draw the conclusion that the same will happen with Stewie (his language is also incredible).

I also had a moment with the nanny this evening to discuss the fact that she has been feeding Stewie fibre cereal for snack.  He is pooing often and it’s very… pungent.   I’m afraid that he’s over-ripe.

I’m looking for suggestions / tips / recommendations for a… friend.  Ladies: What does your spouse / significant other do that shows you love, or that they care?


6 thoughts on “The Urban Daddy’s thoughts for a bizarre Monday: Parenting, Being a Partner and Life

  1. Pixie November 16, 2007 / 10:48 am

    He goes away for 8 weeks at a time x


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