For you… Not me, definitely not for me…

Here is my list of the top ten Seinfield episodes.
Keep in mind, I did not watch Seinfield when it was first popular, and I don’t like the reruns either.  Quite frankly, if this show never existed, I’d be happy.  But I know some of you will be able to look at this list and be, like, “Yeah… That was a GREAT episode”, and then be able to recite verses and describe the plot.
I only know this show from watching re-runs with UrbanMummy.  In order to spend time with her I sometimes would have to bite the bullet and watch whatever she is.  3’s Company, Degrassi, Law and Order, Seinfeld, Reba…
So here is my list, in chronological order;
1. The Pez Dispenser (Season 3)
2. The Junior Mint (Season 4)
3. The Puffy Shirt (Season 5)
4. The Sniffing Accountant (Season 5)
5. The Bris (Season 5)
6. The Opposite (Season 5)
7. The Soup Nazi (Season 7)
8. The Gum (Season 7)
9. Bizarro Jerry (Season 8)
10. The Chicken Roaster (Season 8)
Which one was your favourite?

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