A very nice weekend indeed…

We actually had an adult weekend of sorts at the UrbanDaddy household.

Saturday morning provided us with an early morning (9am) visitor who brought me my blackberry.

Saturday afternoon we went to some potential new friends for a pumpkin carving event for the kiddies. A ton of fun. Nice people there. Carved us a pumpkin, ate some pizza. I took every ones pumpkin seeds and roasted them with some kosher salt and cayenne pepper. They were yummy!!

Saturday night went out for dinner with 4 other couples from the baby-group to one of my favourite places – Parmigiano – on Yonge Street, just north of Lawrence… YUM. Had a great time, great conversation… A fun, fun day.

Sunday dinner at a Chinese buffet is always fun watching the baby eat 5 x his money’s worth… Man can that kid eat.

Monday – back to the grind.

Some sports notes:

Boston Red Sox win the world series – looks like it’ll be tough for the Jays to make any headway in that division in the near future.

The day the Sox win, some punk assed bitch (a very talented one), named Alex Rodrigues (A-Rod) opted out of his $72 million dollar contract to become a free agent.. . He’s hoping to get $300 million over 10 years… He’s already 32… Yikes. Couldn’t he have waited one more day?

I guess A-Rod can join manager Joe Torre in LA…

Raptors open the season soon and waived forward Luke Jackson in the process. Keeping some 27yr old rookie named something Moon. Good luck kid… and Go Raps!!!


D-Day came and went…

I did it!

Completed my presentation for my Business Strategy class today – worked on it from basically 8am – 4pm. Didn’t even stop for lunch, not that I would have enjoyed it since I have these 2 stupid canker sores which make just about everything to do with eating, smiling or talking difficult.

Came home, BBQ’d, got the kids to bed (or so I thought) and then signed into my class. My presentation was right off the bat and my 20 minute presentation turned out to be the entire hour and 15 minute class! Awesome. I think it was well received. I tried not to sound monotone while going over my PowerPoint, so I added some additional comments, a few examples and room to ramble, and boy did I ramble. There were loads of questions from the class. I enjoyed the process.

Now I realized how much work I need to catch up on.

While presenting, my Corporate Finance class were sending, like 1000 emails back and forth regarding the case study, and finally submitted it! Whew.

Then while cleaning up the dishes I got to watch Candice Michelle fall from the top rope during her 2 out of 3 falls match on RAW, and land right on her left shoulder and head. She left on a stretcher… I know it’s not real, but this is live TV and boy, she almost killed herself.

Went upstairs to prep for shower before bed and found UM and Happy Boy in bed… our bed. Cuties! Did some more household cleaning, going to shower, then off to bed before midnight hopefully (in the Happy Boy’s bed. lol).

More work tomorrow on Business Strategy, then Finance class tomorrow night, a business meeting Wednesday night and some work “town hall” meeting Thursday.

Whew. I can’t wait to sleep and swallow.

Sports Snorts…

It’s 3-2 Red Sox in the 7th inning. Winner faces the Colorado Rockies in the World Series. Who am I voting for?!?

I loved watching the Chicago BlackHawks play! Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews… Some great young talent. A fun team to watch.

The National Lacrosse League cancelled the season a few days ago. Stupid players… Lose everything. Has no one learned from MLB???

Leafs??? Still suck. No one to score, no one to keep the puck out. A sad team, indeed.

What a week – Graduate School assignments and missing colleagues – Shoot me now please!

My last post was over a week ago and it feels like this week took 3 weeks to complete.  Of course, it didn’t help that I was sick this week.  I picked up what has been going through the family.

At work this week, I experienced some unbelievable issues with a colleague who left me as a back-up on his voicemail.  He was on a 2 week vacation overseas – went to visit his family, however his family started calling me 2, 3, even 4 times a day (from overseas) enquiring as to his whereabouts.  Bizarre that he would tell me he was heading over there then not go see them, and also bizarre that they would call me asking if I knew where he was.

I forgot to tuck a GPS into his shoes.

Fearing he might be in harm, I notified all the relevant authorities at the office, only to hear that he had beeb in touch with another colleague to find out the progress on one of his accounts.

Even more bizarre, his mother, suspecting that I knew something but was holding back information, called the Prime Minister’s office and I was ordered to take action and contact his family, which I did.  I explained that I was only his back-up, knew nothing about his plans, nor where he was did not sit well with them.

Not in my job description!!  LOL

Thankfully, he returns tomorrow (Monday) and boy am I going to kick his ass.


On the school-side, I had 4 assignments due by this weekend, finished 2, one goes in tomorrow, and I have a presentation tomorrow night that I have not even started… Oops. This group assignment is VERY stressful because we are world’s worst group, everyone is so busy with courses, assignments, work and family. I let them know going into the weekend that I would not be available until after the kids get to bed because of family commitments and tossed up the idea of working on an assignment worth 15% instead of one worth 1%. They met and decided to complete it during the day when they had time, so come the weekend they were eager for me to finish my piece.  They even sent some pretty nasty emails to me through until they realized I had blocked off the weekend to complete my piece and we would be done well in advance of the deadline.

I think they learned that the work done in getting a MBA is as important as the people you meet through networking and completing assignments.

So we finished up, went over it together and got a fantastic review from the Professor already.


On Friday we joined Linus on his class trip to the Whitimore Farm. It was a lot of fun. Warm weather, loads of pumpkins, pictures of kids on hay, and a huge long slide on the side of a hill. We took in all the sights then went on this slide, which required all kids under a certain age to be in the lap of parents to ride. I took Linus down it and the second time we got in the tube and layed down and started down very slowly. We got half way down when I heard a noise that sounded like another kid coming down the slide, when WHAM! I was hit hard in the back of my neck/head by the head of some toddler who went down by his self. Instant headache. The slide is like 50 feet long, we were just over half way down and that made it worse.

Needless to say, the kid was crying and his Mom was at the bottom peeking in. I told he what he did, that he should have waited and that is why parents must accompany kids – but she showed no concern to me or to him.  I mentioned to her again that he hit his head very hard on mine, but she took him out, ignored me, and went to try and torpedo some other unsuspecting parent or child.


Oh well, back to work. I have a PowerPoint to do!

I want to go back to bed…

A car almost ran me over this morning and the turnstile at the TTC station rejected my token but as I was zipping through it didn’t move and I slammed my head into the glass. Embarrassed, with people behind me gawking (and I’m sure a few were snickering) I put the token back in, grunted at the turnstile, then proceeded to slowly go through.

My head hurts. Can I sue the TTC?

So I email this to my wife, and this is what she responds:


“Oh, are you going to sue the TTC based on stupidity? I can see you now in front of the judge. Your honour, I smashed my face into the turnstile because my Ipod was too loud and I didn’t hear either the gate click open or the token drop back into the tray”



I could pull it off!