Today was a thinking day… Help us all.

Grey's Anatomy title
Grey’s Anatomy title (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just left my wife…

… left her watching some stupid Grey’s Anatomy spin-off show called Private Practice about childbirth and all that other stuff.

What I really hate about these types of shows is that I watched about half of it with her and could get addicted to it… Therefore I cannot watch. Must not watch. I need to do school work. Yeah, that’s it… and blog. 🙂

A new feature on this blog is my restaurant review of a “family friendly” establishment which I critique based on it’s food (my kids don’t eat fries – don’t put them with every meal), access, how friendly the staff is to children, how friendly the facility is to children (like high-chairs, changing table – in the guys bathroom too), and the speed of service and cost.

Good places in Toronto include; Safari on Avenue Road. The bathroom is not convenient but they know how to keep families happy. Staff are super-friendly and food is generally out-of-this-world. Then again, my kids love their curry pasta and chicken-chipotole chowder.

Other good places in TO; Hersheys – have toys for the kids there too, and Hershey is a uber-friendly guy.

Applejacks, the Rainforest Cafe and Mandarin get top marks too.

But tonight we had an experience… Ugh. We went to a place called the China Buffet King in Richmond Hill. Got there just after it opened, so we expected it to be pretty empty, but I was SO disappointed after this meal.

  1. The service SUCKED! Have you ever had to ask a server to clean off your table? I asked for Soya sauce and instead of getting it for me (you know it was me, UM and the 2 kids), the server point in the general vicinity and walked away. I had to ask for napkins, the bill, then had to hunt them down to get it back. Just brutal. We actually left no tip. For what? We did everything?
  2. The food? Below average to average. Huge trays of food with very little on it. Selection… below average too. They try too hard to do a little of everything but do nothing well. 2-3 dim sum items, 3-4 sushi items, a huge dessert section and fresh veggie row that looked good (not for $16.99 each, though) and the rest of the food was lazily prepared. For example, the shrimp, not peeled, the mussels and squid, chewy (overcooked), the chicken with bones in it, breaded shrimp which looked like they were breaded and stuck to a potato wedge. All just weird and gross. I couldn’t find anything to put on my plate.

Urban Daddy’s recommendation on China Buffet King… Stay home and eat kraft dinner… That way if you feel gross after eating it, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.


Is it considered politically incorrect to have a conversation with a colleague while in the bathroom – or more specifically in a stall. I know guys are different than gals since we are only in stalls for one reason, you gals are in there for everything, so when a guy talks to you from inside a stall, it’s generally really weird.

What about if the guy is talking to you and at the same time passing loud gas, grunting and moaning? Creepy? For a guy… YES. Well this happened to me Monday. A very odd colleague walked into the washroom while I was washing my hands, proceeded to get into a stall, make a TON of noises, including grunting and commenting on the noise and the smells, even when I tried to escape and had the door open he still was fighting the fight that people at the elevator (20 feet away and around a corner) were wondering what the hell was going on.

I was left shaken… Probably also because this guy never washes his hands and leaves with newspaper tucked under his arm. UGH.

Is that grounds for dismissal? Good thing I’m not in charge. 🙂

My boy was at the dentist this evening for a check up. Got to ride the chair, had his teeth counted (he told the hygienist he had 5 teeth, he has 20). He got checked, met the dentist, got the orange toothbrush he wanted, and berry flavoured floss. It was all really cute. When we got home I heard him thank his Mummy for taking him to the dentist… Awwwww.


5 thoughts on “Today was a thinking day… Help us all.

  1. Urban Daddy October 2, 2007 / 2:06 am

    Gabriella – Thanks, I’ll continue to post them as we try more of them. As for the washroom stuff… Just look around the office. Nuff said. And thank goodness the catapillar walked off his face. 🙂

    Nay – Didn’t mention a word to him. He likes hanging out with us, even if it is at the dentist… clearly.

    Kristen – Hilarious. Thanks for posting the link.


  2. Kristen September 29, 2007 / 2:41 am

    After reading your post I thought you might appreciate this youtube video. It’s called ‘Male Restroom Etiquette’

    It is flippin’ hilarious, but maybe not for little eyes;)


  3. Naomi (Urban Mummy) September 27, 2007 / 1:22 pm

    didn’t you TELL him to thank me for taking him to the dentist? Was that actually completely spontaneous??? I’m shocked!!

    As for the buffet, it was horrible. Used to be good, years ago, too. There was NOTHING to eat!! I couldn’t believe it!!!


  4. Gabriella September 27, 2007 / 3:33 am

    Oh yes btw…hubby shaved off that piece of hair on his chin! Yayyyy…thanks!
    Oh and also very cool getting your motorcycle license, Joe has his but sold his bike a year was sky high!


  5. Gabriella September 27, 2007 / 3:29 am

    First of all, I love the restaurant review idea…making a mental note to stay away from the Chinese buffet one..second, I don’t talk to anyone when I’m in the washroom unless we’re both at the sink washing our hands. And last just ewwwwwwwwwwwwww…I can only imagine.


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