Tonight I had to run…

… and run I did.

I’ve got a lot on my mind and I’m pretty stressed out so I needed a release. I chose to run. So out I went at 11pm tonight and I ran the farthest I have run since I herniated the disk in my back. It felt good. I’m still stressed, but I feel a little better.

A random sampling of what is on my mind today

  • My last 2 MBA course which I fell a couple weeks behind in, but am trying to get current in
  • Our Nanny’s last day is Friday and we have a new one coming from Hong Kong at 1am Sunday morning – we still need to get the current on packed and out and we are back to square one with the new one… so much to teach. Our current Nanny has been with our family for 2 years and she will be missed. On the other hand, there are some things we did without to please this one that we will not be doing with the new one. Can’t wait.
  • We are having a mini-renovation done in the basement… Always stressful
  • Apparently now is the time to look for schools and camps for next year for the kids… Are you kidding me???
  • My back still gives me a little pain/stress and I need to lose weight and keep an eye on it. But I really need to lose weight. I’ve dropped only a few pounds, but a few inches just from exercise
  • Urban Mummy… enough said
  • Dentist appointments for the family
  • My working future… I’m wasting away at my current employer, they fail to utilize my strengths and one I complete my MBA I’ll have to shut up or move along… still undecided.
  • Some fucking insect that bit me and drew blood in my vegetable garden. I was picking, like 30 tomatoes, and something latched on to my finger until I pryed it off. I now have a slight rash on my wrist. I think it was a spider. Waiting for my super-powers.
  • Why my son cries when I take him to school on Tuesday’s and why he keeps hitting and kicking and making his little brother cry. He knows better, he really does.
  • Office politics. A very good friend of mine at the office once got upset with a few of us because she thought we were not being considerate of her around our group coffee breaks. Fast forward 2 months and this same friend breaks our coffee club and goes whenever she wants with whomever she wants… So why does it bother me??? Can’t decide. Common sense tells me to forget it as being childish and move on, but part of me feels slighted as the organizer of breaks when after, like 2 years, it changes this way… Truth be told, I’m kind of glad it happened this way. The group was getting too big and since a bunch of them started hanging out after work, I’ve really realized that as a Dad, I don’t have that much in common with any of them. I can’t go out drinking after work and staying out until 1am, I don’t have the flexibility to disappear on weekends and as for clubbing, well, I’m not 21 anymore… Been there, done that. So this has allowed me time to realize that I have to worry about me and my family and take care of my courses… My meal ticket. Nuff said.
  • Clothes… I need new clothes… Nice ones. I’m tired of the same crappy clothes. I want to be taken shopping by my wife and have her pick some stylish clothes for me… If I’m going to be worth a million bucks, I need to dress and feel like it.
  • Why it’s midnight and I am no closer to bed than I was at 9pm.

And other stuff that crossed my mind this Tuesday:

  • My youngest son’s passport (expired)
  • Pregnancy photos from the day UM gave birth that we still need to pick and I think about every day!
  • Care and nurturing leave
  • A too good to be true potential career move
  • Where are my recruiters?
  • Taking both cars in for service
  • Phoning our grandparents
  • Returning stuff to Staples
  • Buying a bathing suit for Saturdays first swimming class
  • Fixing the printer I somehow broke without even touching it
  • Washing the dirty windows on the inside of the car
  • Putting air in my bike tires and the strollers
  • Taking pictures of the many stuff we are trying to sell on
  • Getting my motorcycle license
  • Boating license
  • My work team in which we no longer have a team leader but I somehow have filled in that void in an informal manner… As expected.
  • and so much more



One thought on “Tonight I had to run…

  1. Laural Dawn September 26, 2007 / 1:09 pm

    I get all of that. My list would be different – but stressful all the same.
    As for office politics… I’m dealing with that right now. Long story short – a coworker is getting married about 6 weeks after I give birth to baby #2. She effectively uninvited me to her wedding yesterday, via e-mail, and cannot understand why I told her I was offended. Her reasoning – I may be breastfeeding at her wedding and she really doesn’t want my baby there. And she has since tried to sway other work friends to her side.
    Why do work politics suck so much?
    As for the rest of the list … I’ll write mine up and we can trade! (kidding)
    And, thanks for the comment re conservatives. Totally hear you.
    PS I get tons of job postings sent to me for our company and entities. Let me know if you want me to forward to you.


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