All in a days work for this Urban Daddy: Kids, Interviews, Bomb Threats and Sweat.

Today was the first day in over 2 years that we were Nanny-free (she is on vacation from Wednesday this week until Monday next week) and boy did this day get started on the wrong foot for everyone, especially for me.

To begin, Linus appeared in our room at 3am this morning but not to sleep, there was something bothering him and so he spent the next couple of hours doing his impersonation of a blender as he tossed and turned, talked, cried and melted down when his mummy turned her back on him to go back to sleep.  It’s so cute how much they love their mummy.  Maybe I’m just a little jealous.

So in a moment of self-sacrifice, my wife sent me out of our bed and into his room so that I could get some sleep before a very big day for me.  That was a very kind gesture, however, his bedroom does not have a clock in it as of yet, so my plan to leave the house at 7:30am did not come to fruition and my 9am interview almost started without me.

I had a 9am job interview, and I really needed time to get cleaned up, put on my rarely used – somewhat tight suit and really uncomfortable dress shoes and then walk 15 leisurely minutes to the subway to go downtown.

My hope was that this interview would be the first of many – or the one – to get me out of the government.  I’ve done all that I can there and I need more challenges.  Nothing personal.  I found that the more I remained there the more complacent I became and that now after 3-years of accounting courses and almost completed my MBA, I was ready for a bigger challenge and the Director of the tax office agreed with me.  Problem is that the government is business casual – for me at least – since I meet clients regularly, so my suit is a little tight and my dress shoes a little uncomfortable.  I was worried that my 15 minute walk to the subway would kill my feet or I would arrive sweating, especially given the fact that I was running the risk of being late!

I made it to the interview with 15 minutes to spare – so on-time and I was quite worked up.  I needed a few seconds to walk around and cool down.

Given that it is summer-time, I calmly hopped back on the subway and hiked into the office.  Being in a suit was certainly going to draw the attention of my colleagues and peers and in anticipation of the “did you just come from a job-interview” question, I had prepared the following response; “No, I was at a funeral.”  I only needed to use it once, and the person took me seriously until I winked and was prepared to lose the jacket at my desk when I entered the premises.

On my way into the office, I noticed a familiar face walking towards me… It was Josh-O (Haley-O’s husband). So I grabbed him and forced him to come across the street with me to Starbucks, where I forced him once more to let me buy him a coffee. We chatted. He’s a nice guy and he’s really smart.  It was LONG overdue that we met up for coffee.

So once coffee was over, I went into the office and took off my suit jacket, tie and changed my shoes to a much more casual looking (and much more comfortable shoe) and that was when this already odd day, got even more awkward.

A couple of hours later I ventured across the street for a coffee from Tim Horton’s I noticed two firetrucks descending on my office building, from different sides, yet no one was evacuating the building.  As I waited for traffic to clear in order to cross the street, 4 more firetrucks pulled up and an ambulance drove up on the island right beside me.  I crossed the street, entered the building and asked the concierge what was happening and she said nothing to her knowledge.  We both watched 2 more firetrucks pull up.  So I raced up to my desk, notified my manager of what was about to happen – grab my stuff – and at that moment the alarm came on.

Normally, the concierge comes on and acknowledges that an alarm was pulled, and what the problem was and whether or not we should evacuate. In this case, the Fire Chief came on, and indicated that a bomb was found and that we should evacuate ASAP.  A bomb.

I made it down 6-storey’s in the building when the Fire Chief came back on the loud-speaker and told us that the situation was under control and that we should return to our desks. Instead of turning around in the stairwell – still full of people coming down – I walked to the lobby, turned back to the elevators and went back up to my desk.

I sat at my desk for about 5 minutes, logged in to my computer and began to work when I had this eerie feeling that I was alone, so I stood up and realized that I was the only person on the floor, so I did what every guy would do, I called my wife to let her know what was going on.  Soon after she answered, I spun to look out the window where I noticed that the police had blocked the street with 6 police cars and were frantically taping off the street to keep cars and people away from the building.  The building that I was still in.  Alone.  Working.

I suggested to my wife that I might be getting a little worried when she provided me with some sage advice, “get the hell out of the building ASAP”. So I packed up my stuff and took the elevator to the main floor.  I again walked over to the concierge and again asked what was going on.   This time she advised me there was a letter bomb scare and that the letter bomb was right there – she pointed to a letter on the floor about 10 feet from us.  You see, the police had roped off the building, there were 10 police cars, 10 fire trucks, an ambulance, 2 helicopters already in the sky overhead of the building and the bomb squad were on the way.  Everyone was across the street looking on, and me, I was in the middle of the action wondering how did this happen…

So I asked to be removed from the building and was thankfully escorted into the middle of an empty Yonge Street.  Helicopters hovering above me, police and firemen everywhere and me, standing alone in the middle of a roped off area.

I headed outside the secure zone for about an hour taking in the whole scene before heading to the subway to go home as many already had.

I joined my family at a birthday party, and after that we headed home for bath and bed time routine, then I sat down to type this post and try to make heads or tails of my crazy day.

What a long day.


All in a day’s work, I guess.



3 thoughts on “All in a days work for this Urban Daddy: Kids, Interviews, Bomb Threats and Sweat.

  1. Urban Daddy August 28, 2007 / 3:54 am

    Hi Kristen – It was not a bomb – but had the same markings as the letter bombs that had been turning up around Toronto. And today, get this, we have to make up the time we “took off” while standing outside the building hoping it didn’t go “boom”. We were out there for an hour and a half before we got sent home… geez.

    Laural Dawn – It did not explode, nor did I, thankfully. 🙂

    But now I know if someone wants longer coffee breaks, they may leave some mail infront of the building and watch the commotion… Then they’ll go to jail. LOL


  2. Laural Dawn August 27, 2007 / 3:10 pm

    wow! that sucks. (the bomb part not the chocolate cake part!)
    I take it the building didn’t explode and you’re okay???


  3. Kristen August 26, 2007 / 10:37 pm

    Sounds like a scary strange day. Was there really a bomb?
    and mmm… cake… I could really use some chocolate right now.


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