I don’t normally like to write about my feelings in my blog, it’s not for that. I remember how I feel at certain points in my life and don’t need to write it here to remember it. Today, however, is a little different.

You see today I had an opportunity to – as I was promised – to be a part of an exclusive party at my in-laws cottage which would have in attendance several senior employees of a company that I would not be adverse to working at. It has been my intention, now 2 courses and three months from completing my MBA, to seek employment that I would find challenging and which would provide me an opportunity to advance my career. While not the most ideal fit for me, this company is in the top 3.

So over the past few weeks, I was advised to get my resume (or CV) together and find some positions in this company that would be a good fit, and that the people at this party would be able to get me a job in their firm… I could be one of them and not in the government where I am VERY unhappy. So I worked really hard on my resume, found a few really awesome jobs that I would really enjoy, dressed up nice and came prepared to shmooze my way to a long awaited career change.

What happened today was very disappointing for me – and really it was my fault for expecting, believing, that something was going to happen.

There is a LOT to be said about the expression, No expectations, no disappointments… I had expectations and boy was I disappointed.

Turns out my father-in-law had invited 2 guys he met at Starbucks – one of which was selling flowers 2 months ago – to this day at the cottage as he had helped them develop a product which they came to pitch to this company today. My FIL was very proud of these boys and they were thrilled to have this opportunity. It was all very surreal to me because I’ve been in the family for 8 years now and my FIL and I have had an OK relationship, but never a great one. He treats us great, but individually I never got the feel that he really respected me. We have only ever hung out once, and I don’t feel like he really ever took me seriously, and why should he? I married his only daughter, gave him two beautiful grandchildren and really don’t cause any problems in the family. I don’t get it.

I mean that. I don’t get it. On a day when I expected to be able to discuss career opportunities, I did not even get that far. His two Starbucks proteges were the talk of the day, to the extent that I might not have even existed.

I did get asked one question from one of the VP’s about what I was doing now which I partially anwered before I’m sure he became bored of hearing me talk and turned to have another conversation.
This day was NOT for me. I gave my resume to one of his colleagues and she left in on the cabinet by the door and when he left, not even a good-bye.

I guess, as UrbanMummy speculated, the people from this company were there to have a good time and maybe a small pitch on the side would have been okay, but after this big sell for the two boys, trying to force me in there too was too much for the VP to take, so he let it be… and so shall I.

Today was a waste of a day for me, emotionally, I put a lot of hope into this day and it turned out to be a big zero! The rest of the day was fun – good food, my kids had fun, UM made an awesome show of herself asking great questions and with he knowledge of relevant information (asking GREAT questions). But for me. Pfffffft.

Back to the drawing board.

I’ll have to remind myself every morning. No expectations… No disappointments.


3 thoughts on “Ouch…

  1. SciFi Dad August 19, 2007 / 11:35 pm

    My relationship with both my FIL and MIL are very similar to the one you describe, if not somewhat more hostile.

    All I can offer is this (paraphrasing a short-lived sitcom from a few years back):
    “You can call yourself the boyfriend, the fiance, the spouse, the husband… it doesn’t matter to them; you’re still just the guy having sex with their daughter.”


  2. Gabriella August 19, 2007 / 8:06 pm

    so sorry. been in your shoes before. good things will happen!


  3. Kristen August 18, 2007 / 9:03 pm

    Ouch is right, what a slap in the face. Sucks.


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