Watch out!!! It’s the vomit comet…

I was really hoping to type this long, creative post about out trip last week to Disney with the kids and the crappy Disney Resort, President’s Choice MasterCard fiasco, Happy Boy trying to push over Winnie the Pooh, food issues, our 6th Wedding Anniversary, travel, cousins, and an overall GREAT time, but as I sit here trying to work on my Marketing product launch (details coming), my Finance final exam and a couple of assignments, I periodically run upstairs to help UrbanMummy wipe up vomit from the Baby Boy. He started to throw up around 6pm tonight, after a weekend of the Happy Boy throwing up, sleeping and not eating.

So I figure I have account for about 6 total sleep hours this weekend and I have cleaned up no less than 10 “discharges”. Poor kids. At least The Happy Boy is picking up… maybe tomorrow he’ll eat. 🙂

I just have to keep the TV volume down so I can run up and help on the clean up.


One thought on “Watch out!!! It’s the vomit comet…

  1. Haley-O July 9, 2007 / 5:11 pm

    Ohhh, but Happy Boy looked sooooo ‘dorable when I bumped into you guys that day! Hope everyone feels better!


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