How the mighty have fallen… What has Chris Benoit done to his family?!?

I changed my facebook status last night to reflect what I thought was a huge tragedy unfolding in the world of professional wrestling, the murder of Canadian wrestling sensation Chris Benoit. The Canadian Crippler was found dead in his suburban Atlanta home along with his wife and 7 year old son. The WWE cancelled their live “RAW” show and had a tribute to Benoit.

It was shortly there after that word started to leak out about the murder being a possible murder-suicide, when I received a comment from Laural Dawn about this situation – she remembered that I still get a kick out of the male soap opera that is professional wrestling. As I prepared my witty reply, more word came down that it was almost 100% a murder-suicide and that Chris had been intimidating his wife after she filed for divorce. The thought that someone could hit a woman, let alone harm a child repulses me. I had this image of Chris as being a model citizen. I mean all the wrestlers that spoke about his death said so. They pointed out that he was all about respect and tried to instill that into the young wrestlers that came into the WWE and also with his son.

Say it aint so.

But now it looks like it is. And that leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Those who read my ramblings know that I cannot stand those people who commit suicide but take others with them. I feel they are cowards. I have NO respect for these people. I understand you are having a tough time… too much drugs, maybe, and you feel you would be better off this earth, then go ahead. Please. Just do it along and don’t be messy. Others have to deal with the crap you leave behind.

So I took off the Chris Benoit RIP tag and my image of this guy has gone from star to loser. I’ll reserve truer feelings once the autopsy comes it. I suspect as with most wrestling deaths, it’s a combination of drugs, pain medication, and seteriods.

Chris… your own son, Chris. Damn!


One thought on “How the mighty have fallen… What has Chris Benoit done to his family?!?

  1. Laural Dawn June 27, 2007 / 2:42 pm

    I hear you … totally. I made that comment BEFORE all the news came out that it was a murder suicide.
    It’s tragic.
    I’m like you – I enjoy wrestling for the soap opera it is – but this was horrible.
    I just can’t imagine. The question that comes to mind is why???
    And what haunts me is that he allegedly killed his wife the night before he killed his son. Imagine being in a home where your mother is dead.
    It’s chilling and sad and scary.
    I used to work with someone who was a former wrestler (was in wwf but didn’t get anywhere – he’d fill in for people who wore masks)
    He told me that it was such a depressing scary world – and there were a lot of drugs. Brutal.
    You’re right. This was so unnecessary. I don’t understand the hate that goes into something like this.


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