Happy Birthday UM

June 1st was UrbanMummy’s birthday (I wont say what number but she still looks like she’s in her 20’s and her skin is still super-soft)
So here is what we did for her…

Breakfast – she doesn’t eat breakfast first thing in the morning, but I wanted to make sure that when she was hungry that there was food there for her, so I canvassed the team, and as a result, at about 11:30pm I made triple chocolate and raspberry pancakes for her, to be served in the am with a side of fresh berries. Yum.
For gifts, she wound up with some beautiful aquamarine earrings surrounded by itsy-bitsy diamonds (thanks to the Happy Boy for picking the more expensive earrings than the ones we had set out for her), some foot relief cream, massage oil, dark chocolates, fat free potato puffs, and yummy vanilla bath bubbles.

Not a bad haul, eh?

On Friday night, my mother and sister came over for a nice sabbath dinner chalk full of Indian Food from a place called Agra (Yonge and Sheppard). Always yummy.

I think she had fun.

Tonight, while warming up some food in the toaster, my lovely and in this case talented wife managed to set our toaster on fire. Hmmmm. Can I still use it? Good thing we have another. LOL.

Looks like we have major success with the Happy Boy and potty training. It’s been days since he has had an accident and he even held his pee for 20 minutes today so we could drive into Burlington and head out. It’s gross when he poo’s into that mimi-potty, but it’s all great. Especially since he empties his pitty into the toilet and flushes it away.

Got my first half class marks for my Finance class. 3 marks, 2 A’s and a B. Not bad… Not great either. Have an assignment due this Wednesday.

At the office we are having a large re-organization but refuse to move my computer to my new desk. I might have pursuaded them otherwise, but when I get to the office after SportBall tomorroe, I don’t know what to expect. If it’s there, I’m happy. If not, it’ll be dealt with through managers and possible higher up too. fuckers!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday UM

  1. Laural Dawn June 6, 2007 / 5:47 pm

    Hey – Thanks for the comment on my blog. (I knew I had it coming!!!)
    Congrats on the potty training. You’re doing way better than us. But, having said that we did send Matt to daycare in underwear today.
    And, the shit in the mini potty. Ick. I don’t understand. I’ve changed a zillion diapers and it doesn’t bug me, but when he goes in the potty it almost does me in.


  2. here kitty, kitty... June 5, 2007 / 12:57 am

    you said those earings were for me!!! what the hell???

    here I thought we had something special….


  3. SciFi Dad June 4, 2007 / 11:12 am

    You know what? We have never used those mini potties. We have one, and she sat on it for about a week, and never wanted it again. All our toilets have the toddler insert rings in them (making for oh-so-much-fun for that morning visit when you flip the lid…) and we have a folding portable one for public.

    No mess; everything just goes to the toilet.


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