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Belinda Stronach is not seeking re-election in the next election. HA HA HA. I knew (and probably blogged) that once she became a traitor and left the conservative party, crossing the floor to join the corrupt liberals for a cabinet post, that she would be going nowhere in politics. Clearly I was incorrect. She is going somewhere… out! Bye bye Belinda, you turncoat, and take Tie with you. His segment “Win, Lose and Tie” on TSN is brutal. I turn the channel when it comes on.

It looks like rain outside… I don’t have an umbrella.

I’m really jacked that the Raptors are in the playoffs – but I hate that they are playing Vince Carter and the NJ Nets because I’ll be REALLY upset if we lose to “them”.

Got my marks for my 2 most recent Grad school classes… both A’s. Only 4 more classes to go. YAY.

We have something in common – my wife and I – besides our kids, marriage, house, etc. I love to garden and UrbanMummy is good at it too. We have seedlings now sitting in the living room soon to be headed in the garden, of all these funky heirloom fruits and veggies. She picked them, she planted the seeds, we watch them grow. Fun, fun, fun!

Need sleep… am painting… had to happen sooner or later. Which one??? Both, or is that either. 🙂