Your baby cries in the middle of the night… Who gets the kid in your household?

This is one of the most discussed topics for all new parents and until you figure this one out, it can cause some stress in the relationship. Then once you sort things out, along comes baby number 2 and you have to re-think your plan and start again.

Scenario: It’s 3:30am and the baby cries. Who gets up to rock him or pick him up?

Right away, I would say the father, especially if there are 2 kids, because mommy needs her rest so she can take care of them during the day and so she will have enough breast milk so she can feed the baby without falling asleep.

So what happens if baby wakes up at 3:30am, then stays up until 5:30am, and daddy has to get up at 6am for work?

You have to talk to your spouse.

Now toss in the scenario that you, the daddy has to go to the office and mummy is sick and cannot get up in the night, or worse, once she is awaken, she cannot go back to sleep?

So as a newbie dad of now 2 boys, I asked this question; Who is better at calming the baby? Is there not a person that can be hired to do this? What do you do in a case where the baby gets up but both parents need to sleep? Take turns? I really don’t know.

What I do know is that for the past week or two, we’ve both been getting up and lately it’s been the UrbanMummy who has been taking care of the baby and letting me get my 5 hours sleep. She has been awesome for me in that way.

Not only has she been taking care of the night wake-ups but I came home from work today and found that she had, taken the kids to the doctor, taken Linus to a drama program, worked on her course, made dinner AND baked a banana bread. WOW. How impressive is all that.

Too often we neglect what our spouses do in a day for us, for our kids, and for thmselves especialy when you know they are as exhausted as we are.

I guess the real solution is to get that little ball of joy to sleep through the night. Yeah. Stewie you must sleep! Good luck. I’ll just try to get through the day on 3-5 hours sleep. I’ve been doing that for a couple years already since I began my MBA and Linus was born. What’s a few more months, right?


Excuse me, I feel tired.



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