Is this too much cake for a 2-year-old’s birthday???

Tell me, please, is this too much cake for a 2-year-old and 15 other 2-year-olds to appreciate and eat?

It sure was too much for the adults.

We all just stared at it, mouthes agape.

If you notice in the picture, you will see all the little hands gathered around waiting for their piece of this train-cake to eat. It was really cute seeing their expression and watching the parents take a mental note for their kids’ birthdays…

The cake was for our long awaited birthday party for The Happy Boy as he turned 2. His actual birthday was in December but a lot of his classmates and baby group were away or busy so we chose to celebrate in January instead. I’m not sure it matters to him, other than he gets to celebrate his birthday more than once and that’s cool.

In honour of my sons love of trains we chose a Thomas theme – although I do not belive that he has ever actually watched Thomas on TV. My mother-in-law (MIL) made this for him.

The only thing more surprising than the cake was trying to clean it up hours later. I ended up using a piece of the track (licorice) to scrape away all the icing, and other yummies that made that cake what it was.

The cake was good, but very gooey. Pretty to look at, hard to clean up. Harder to burn the calories from…

Excuse me while I eat some celery.

7 thoughts on “Is this too much cake for a 2-year-old’s birthday???

  1. whooo haaa that is some cake!!! My twins are about to turn two, gotta get them a special cake!! That is a fun idea. I think they are all about the cupcakes though- maybe Dora the Explorer or something cheestastic!

  2. Okay, the only thing I have to say is – who sent you the photo?? I didn’t, and they are on my camera. And you told me you didn’t know how to post photos! Hmph!

    As for the cake, it was just unbelievable.

    But not a Thomas theme, just trains, because The Happy Boy likes them!

  3. Jill – Yeah, we do have some left over. I’m actually afraid to eat one of the trains. They looked that good…

    Shroomie – Too bad we are not all coming down to Atlanta this year. Father-in-law has family just north-west of the city and we were there last summer. I’d commission my MIL to make a special Dora cake for your twins. She’d love the challenge… and the exposure.

    Naomi – Your mom can bake, you can cook… ahhh, how lucky am I.

  4. well the next time you and the family are in my corner of the world- we must all arrange to meet!! All the kiddos would have a blast!!!!

  5. That’s probably the most amazing cake I’ve ever seen! It looks gorgeous!

    (I’d luv to eat the whole thing by myself ;-)

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