The first “I Love You” is the best!

Saturday January 13th, at 8:13am. While sitting at our kitchen table eating pancakes (our Saturday morning ritual), my son, Linus, called out to me; “Daddy”. “Daddy”. I replied, “Yes, buddy”. “Daddy, I love you”, he said. I spun towards him, and with a full-smile and tears in my eyes, I replied; “I love you too”. […]

Thursday Thirteen

*** This Thirsday Thirteen was previously completed December 2, 2006 but not posted due to injury. It is posted now for this Thurday. Please wait to read it then. :) Thirteen Sports Cards re-cherished by Speakeasy 1. Jim Benning & Fred Boimistruck – 2 young promising defensemen hurried along by the horrible Toronto Maple Leafs […]