Today’s Thoughts…

Here are my thoughts today – right now – about some items, like Toronto’s NDP, left-wing, commie-pinko mayor, Tim Horton’s and sports.

Why do I dislike Mayor David Miller so much? Is it because he’s left-wing, or because he is pro-union and has no control of the transit system (TTC), like he should? Or is it because he parachuted in a friend and fellow left-wing NDP’er to run in the riding of our right-wing conservative councillor, Karen Stintz, in hopes of unseating her, to no avail?

The Mayor MUST know that he is the mayor because there were no real candidates running in the election and as a result, we are stuck with him for four more years unless after giving the keys of the city to the unions and raising taxes for the wealthy, he gives up and quits… That may happen. All in all, I hope he makes Toronto proud, but I doubt it.

Why does my son always say, “Large Double Double” everywhere except at Tim Hortons where it matters? I take him there and he says nothing. He gets a goofy smile on his face, shuts his mouth and plays shy. Then I take him outside and all I hear is “large double double, large double double…”

He are some sports teams that make me smile today: The New York Knicks, Philadelphia Flyers, and Boston Bruins. All these teams suck and that makes me happy.

Take for example the Flyers today. The made a trade for noted pugelist, and goon, Todd Fedoruk. Anyone tell the awful Flyers that they need goaltending not a goon. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I also like to watch the Ottawa Senators go down in flames. LOL.

Stupid athlete of the day: JD Drew, Baseball player. Held out from playing for his original team saying that he was going to hit .400 and was going to be the greatest player in baseball history, but in reality, he aint that great. He has had one good season to date. Hey JD… I snicker everytime I see your stats. Superstar that you are… NOT. You are really not that good. Eat some humble pie.

Mike Tyson is actually quite smart… Well he said so. So it must be true.


2 thoughts on “Today’s Thoughts…

  1. Blogstrong November 16, 2006 / 12:38 pm

    It’s the Dolphins sucking that makes me SO happy! (Guess which team I love – which also sucks)
    I do really enjoy watching the Flyers suck so badly, as I’ve feared them in the playoffs for so long.

    JD Drew is reminicent of Juan Gonzolez- that was a good idea.


  2. Shroom-Monkey November 15, 2006 / 2:04 pm

    Mike Tyson? ummmmm, gonna have to disagree with that one….


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